Extraordinary Attorney Woo: What happened in chapter 3 of the drama?

Are you already watching this drama on air? Chapter 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is coming to Netflix but here we tell you what happens to the K-Drama characters as they delve into new investigative cases.

One of the most eye-catching Korean dramas this season is Extraordinary Attorney Woothe story leads us to meet a lawyer named Woo Young Woo, who has Asperger’s syndrome and has just joined a law firm thanks to her impressive intellect.

Although her memory and intelligence leave everyone open-mouthed, the interactions with others around her are still a difficulty for her, but little by little the protagonist of the kdrama he begins to adapt while showing his great potential.

What happened to the characters? Here are some of the important details that happened in the chapter 3 of the drama that you should not miss.

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Woo Young Woo And Lee Joon Ho Have An Unexpected Encounter In The Drama

In the third episode we get to know the character better Park Eun-binwho reveals how sad is the perception that others usually have of people with autism, it does not matter if we talk about what was thought 80 years ago or today, because for this girl and other people like her it is just as difficult to face to a world that does not accept and respect them as equals.

Chapter 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Twitter @KathyVeAb100899

In the midst of a chaos that made her conflict, Woo Young Woo She was wondering how she could be a useful lawyer for a case if she can’t be a person to help the accused, so she decided to withdraw from the case and it seemed that she would give up the profession she has dedicated so much to.

Chapter 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Twitter @KathyVeAb100899

An unexpected moment came when the protagonist of the drama wanted to attempt on her life but just at the right time, Lee Joonho He came to save her, turning a sensitive moment into one with a dose of fun due to the way the girl recounted everything that happened in detail. This would be a key moment for the interactions that we will see between them soon, so do not lose sight of them.

Chapter 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Twitter @Japsang

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Where and when to watch chapter 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

If you have not yet seen chapter 3 of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we tell you that in Netflix Latin America this episode will be released on July 20, so on this platform you can only find the first two available so far.

However, in the South Korean broadcast, the series is already at chapter 7, so if you want to watch the drama at the rate of its original broadcast, you will have to turn to other sites such as Doramasflix or Pandrama.

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