Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Park Eun Bi helps her friend with a case

Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues to enchant viewers with the adventures of Woo Young Woo, a young lawyer with an autism spectrum disorder who loves the law more than anything in the world. Chapter four was full of emotions, especially since the lawyer helped her best friend Dong Geu Rami.

One of the most popular dramas of recent weeks is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, also known as Woo, a lawyer extraordinaire. The relationship that fans have loved the most is Woo Young Woo’s friendship with his childhood friend: Dong Geu Rami. and in the Chapter four the lawyer will have the opportunity to help to the family of your dear friend.

Episode 4 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. // Source: Twitter @EarthWithMix

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you are surely following Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a funny and sweet series about a lawyer who has autism spectrum disorder. This is what you should know about the fourth chapter of the series.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo stars actress Park Eun Bi, who has received rave reviews for each of her performances in the past, and many fans have loved her performance as lawyer Woo Young Woo.

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Woo Young Woo Helps Dong Geu Rami’s Father In A Case Against The Korean Government

In the episode 4 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Dong Geu Rami can be seen begging for her best friend’s help as she needs her help with a case. For this, the lawyer must travel to the town where they used to live and she met her best friend, to her parents’ house.

Upon arrival, the parents of Dong Geu Rami They tell Woo Young Woo that the father’s brothers want to sell some land to the government, but they want to give the brother a smaller share because he is the last to be born. To which the lawyer quickly tells them that the papers they made her sign were incorrect, so she sets out to help them solve the case, since the father deserves equal shares in the case. inheritance Dong Gue Rami’s grandfather.

However, the part of government interested in buying the land will not be happy with Woo Young Woo’s intervention, and her clients’ impulsive reactions could affect the process of Woo Young Woo’s case. Are you going to watch this chapter?

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Where can I watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo with Spanish subtitles?

You can watch the first four episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix, they will start uploading every week and Wednesdays are the days you can watch new episodes. Are you going to follow this series?

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