Extraordinary Attorney Woo Charms Fans With Romantic Scene

Lee Jun Ho is not only winning Woo Young Woo’s heart, Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s lawyer excites fans in every episode and one of his scenes is catching everyone’s attention due to the romantic chemistry that Kang Tae Oh and Park Eun have. Bin demonstrate on screen.

Little by little, romance makes its way into the story of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, because while the lawyer goes into the investigation and defense for the trials, she also had a crush on one of her co-workers.

From their first interactions, Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho have caused curiosity to the audience, because although we noticed a dose of tension, interest and closeness, the character of Park Eun-bin he is still having a hard time getting along with the people around him.

Soon the girl began to suspect that she is in love with the character of kang tae oh and her friend in the K-Drama suggested that she touch this boy, because that way she would find out if his heart races when in contact with him, how did the test go?

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Kang Tae Oh And Park Eun Bin Get Closer Than Ever, Romance Begins In Drama

Even though in the drama Woo Young Woo he doesn’t like to directly touch others, his curiosity to clarify his feelings for Lee Jun Ho is very great and that is why while they are in the office he decides to tell the boy what he will do, announcing that he wants to touch him briefly to see if he likes him.

He reacts a bit surprised and with a bit of disappointment asks if the girl’s heart isn’t racing just because they’re together, showing a more flirtatious side of her character. Lee Junho He walks towards the protagonist and she closes her eyes waiting for a kiss from him, but the end of the scene is a mystery. AWW!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Shows Kang Tae Oh’s Sweeter Side

The character of Kang Tae Oh has not stopped evolving in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and shows us more facets in each episode. He first started out as a kind and supportive co-worker, but little by little that has changed.

Although Lee Jun Ho’s pleasant personality remains constant, we also now learn more about his interest in lawyer Woo and the way he can go from being a caring guy to being flirty by her side.

Do you want to know more about this Korean drama? We tell you what are some clues revealed by the director of Extraordinary Attorney Woo about what we will see next in the story.

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