Explosion rue Nicolas Hardy in Herve: three people injured, one seriously, “the victims were sent to the nearest hospitals”

This Thursday, an explosion sounded in Xhendelesse, in the town of Herve. The explosion occurred on rue Nicolas Hardy shortly before 4:30 p.m. We do not yet know much about the causes of this explosion.

According to the mayor who arrived on the spot, it is in fact a problem linked to the work taking place in the street. For some unknown reason, while the workers were working on a pipe, a reaction started which caused an explosion. But it wouldn’t be a gas line for the simple reason that there isn’t one there.

Three people were injured, one seriously. “The victims were sent to the nearest hospitals,” adds Marc Drouguet. “For the moment, there is no more risk”, reassures the mayor.

> More information to come

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