Explained ending of “Stray bullet 2”: Does Lino get his revenge?

“Stray Bullet 2″ (“Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” in English and “Balle perdue 2″ in French) came to Netflix for all fans of action movies and car chases. If you could already see it, but you still had some doubts about the ending, we will solve them here.

This tape, which has an air to “Fast and furious” and “John Wick”it was written by Guillaume Pierretwho was also in charge of directing.

The cast includes renowned French actors like Stéfi Celma, Sebastien Lalanne, Pascale Arbillot and Anne Serra. Also, has the participation of Spanish Diego Martinwho will be remembered for his role as Enrique Otegui in “Velvet” and “Velvet Collection”.

Alban Lenoir plays Linoa cop (and awesome mechanic) out for revenge. in the first installmenthis mentor and his brother were killed by corrupt officialss. His desire to obtain justice by his own means will make him relentless in his pursuit, even if it results in collateral victims.

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Why does Lino rebel?

Despite having managed to clear his name, after the death of his brother in the first film, Lino is still very affected and saddened by the events. Also, now Areski targets Stella and her babywho are under police surveillance.

Although the traitor is hidden, he still manages everything from the shadows and sends his men to attack Stella. They took advantage of the moment when the guards were distracted, but they did not expect to run into Lino.

He manages to save her and they spend a quiet year, in which Stella and Lino start a relationship. In the meantime, undertake the project of equip a car with all kinds of weapons. When it seems that they were going to overcome the rancor of the past, he discovers that there were many things they were hiding from him.

Marco, one of the traitors who had caused the death of his brother, was still alive and he had made a deal with Moss and Julia, since he was the only one who could testify in court about what happened. For this reason, they kept it a secret from Lino, who feels betrayed by his companions.

Lino is a policeman specialized in fixing and improving cars in "Lost Bullet 2" (Photo: Netflix)
Lino is a policeman specialized in fixing and improving cars in “Stray Bullet 2” (Photo: Netflix)

Why were they looking for Marco?

After Lino discovers the truth, he takes Marco to the police station, where he unmasks everyone involved. However, at that precise moment, a mercenary hired by Arenski appears along with a group of men and they dare to attack the place.

Marcos was not only being searched for by Lino, but Arenski also wanted to find him, just to silence him. The protagonist manages to defeat the group of mercenaries and takes Marcos out of the station. Lino’s new plan is deliver it to the Spanish authoritieswho were also looking for him, and contacts officer Álvaro, who tells him that he must cross the border.

However, Julia and the rest of the team disagree, having worked hard to build the case. An excellent chase scene ensues, and despite the fact that Lino is unstoppable, he finds himself outnumbered. When Julia is taking Marcos with her and stops Lino in the back of the car, the mercenary appears and a shootout begins..

The chase sequence in "Stray Bullet 2" (Photo: Netflix)
The chase sequence in “Stray Bullet 2” (Photo: Netflix)

How does Marco die?

In the midst of the chaos, Marco manages to get into a car and tries to escape, but Lino was not going to allow this and causes his car to crash. He manages to cross the border with the traitor, who was unconsciousgoes to a restaurant and asks a worker to call the local police.

However, he had not realized that Julia had followed them to Spain and arrived at the same restaurant where they were. Marco tries to escape again, but Julia appears and kills him.even though this meant completely ruining the case he’d built with Moss.

Does Lino get his revenge?

Julia and Lino make up. Although one of the traitors is dead, Arensky has yet to be found.who was closer than they thought.

When Lino turns his car into a bundle of junk in a yard, it turns out that Arenski was in the same place, buying a new car. The ending hints that the chase will continue in a third film.

What happens to Julia after having killed Marco?

After the final events, Moss calls Julia for an explanation about Marco’s death.. She tells him that she had no choice when he tried to escape.

However, for Moss, he failed in his task of protecting the witness and botched the job what they have done in recent years. To protect her from her, he tells her that when the Spanish authorities finish speaking with Lino, they will hold you accountable for everything.

Julia knows perfectly well that Lino is not to blame and, finally, gets tired of Moss’s lies and decides to resign from the police.

Stéfi Celma plays Julia in "Stray Bullet 2" (Photo: Netflix)
Stéfi Celma plays Julia in “Stray Bullet 2” (Photo: Netflix)



  • Original title: “Lost Ball 2″
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 98 minutes
  • Country of origin: France
  • original language: French
  • Address: Guillaume-Pierret
  • Script: Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir
  • Photography: Morgan S Dalibert
  • Distributor: Netflix
Pascale Arbillot returns as Moss in the sequel to "Lost Bullet" (Photo: Netflix)
Pascale Arbillot returns as Moss in the sequel to “Stray Bullet” (Photo: Netflix)

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