Explained ending of Pasión de gavilanes 2: who killed Professor Genaro, a romantic wedding and the threat to the Elizondo Kings

Rosario Montes and Panchita managed to survive the explosion in the Alcalá bar, but they were devastated to see how the place they built with so much effort and that gave them so much joy turned to ashes. The singer is sure the real responsible is Samuel Caballeroso she decides to confront him and warn him that nothing he does will bring her back to his side.

On the other hand, in the penultimate episode of the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes”, Pedro Millares meets with Adela Carreño to agree on their statements and blame the twins for Professor Genaro’s death. For his part, Felix begins to suspect his sister and her boyfriend.

After the testimony and the video presented by Aida’s grandson, Erick and Leon are arrested and they confess that they tied Professor Carreño to a chair and left him in the harsh sun, but they assure that they did not kill him. While, Oscar cannot sit idly by and he tells the authorities that he murdered Pedro Millares, and also blames him for the death of Genaro Carreño. What you don’t know is that the man is alive.

León and Erick are arrested for the death of Professor Genaro Carreño (Photo: Telemundo)


Who killed Professor Genaro Carreño?

After it is revealed that Pedro Millares, Adela’s boyfriend and the man who has been extorting money from the twins, is alive, the twins are detained. Later, Félix Carreño finds his sister very worried about him and after a conversation, the young woman decides to appear before the authorities to tell the truth.

In the presence of all Adela confesses that it was she who killed her father, after he discovered that she and Pedro are dating. In addition, she points out that she did it because she could not bear the abuse to which she was subjected along with her brother. Finally, she also reveals that the idea of ​​extorting money from the twins was Pedro’s and that it was he who also killed Pascual. Hours after the confession, the man, who was trying to flee the town, was detained by the police. While, the twins were released.

Adela killed Genaro Carreño.  Erick and León are released (Photo: Telemundo)
Adela killed Genaro Carreño. Erick and León are released (Photo: Telemundo)

The death of Demetrius

Demetrius Sworn he wanted to collect his revenge against the Elizondo Kings, so he shows up at Gabriel’s house. The man threatens to kill Dominga if you don’t give him all the valuables you keep in your vault. That’s when Sara, Gaby and Franco arrive. Jurado tries to surprise them, but as he volleys toward them, the Elizondos’ mother grabs a gun and shoots him. The villain tries to attack her, but before he takes a step, he receives an accurate shot to the heart. Demetrius is dead and Gabriela cries with nerves.

Demetrio dies in the last chapter of "Pasión de gavilanes 2" (Photo: Telemundo)
Demetrio dies in the last chapter of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Telemundo)

The resignation of Rosario Montes

Rosario is devastated by what has happened to her bar. But she still hopes to get Juan David back. That is why he meets him at night, thinking that he was going to return with her. But Juan and Norma’s son doesn’t want to know anything. And he refuses to listen to her. In revenge, the singer calls Gunter and reveals Muriel’s location, so Samuel can go get her. After all, Montes decides to return with her husband, to try to finish him off.

In revenge, Rosario Montes reveals the location of Juan David and his daughter Muriel (Photo: Telemundo)
In revenge, Rosario Montes reveals the location of Juan David and his daughter Muriel (Photo: Telemundo)

a romantic wedding

Samuel goes in search of his daughter after Rosario will reveal her location. When the hacienda de los Reyes Elizondo arrives, Juan David goes out to confront it. The young man takes a couple of hits from his mother-in-law, before Muriel comes out and talks to him. In the conversation, she reveals to him that she is pregnant and that for her grandson she let her be happy with the man she loves. In the middle of everything, the Elizondo Kings arrive home, who had been alerted by Panchita of the situation.

The powerful man understands that his daughter loves Juan David and now that they will form a family You know you shouldn’t hurt him. Before leaving, Samuel reveals that Muriel is pregnant, which makes Juan, Norma and the whole family happy. Days after, Juan David and Muriel get married in a romantic wedding, where everyone happily celebrates the union. Apparently everyone ends up happy. Apparently…

Muriel and Juan David's wedding (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes/Instagram)
Muriel and Juan David’s wedding (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes/Instagram)

Who threatens Los Reyes Elizondo?

Months after the wedding of Juan David and Muriel, the couple continues to live a romantic moment with the little son they are expecting. However, a mysterious object is received by the three leading couples. John and Norm; Frank and Sara; Óscar and Jimena are worried about what comes into their hands. When they open it, they realize that it is a letter containing a note announcing the death of the Reyes Elizondo family. “This is a threat,” Juan Reyes predicted at the end of the story. Who is behind the new threats? Is it the end of “Passion of hawks”?

The threats to the Reyes Elizondo family at the end of the second season of "Pasión de gavilanes" (Photo: Telemundo)
The threats to the Reyes Elizondo family at the end of the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes” (Photo: Telemundo)


The shocking and unexpected event with which he closed the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes”In addition to shocking fans of the Colombian telenovela, it also left open the possibility of continuing the story. At least that’s what some fans think. Also because there are still unknowns that remained in the air without being resolved.

However, despite the wishes of many, to date Telemundo has not confirmed that there will be a third season. In fact, a few weeks ago, the international network announced its new stellar programming for the 2022-23 season and “Pasión de gavilanes 3″ was not mentioned at all.

Therefore, although the story of part two was left open for a third season, Telemundo does not seem to have intentions to carry it out, at least not in the near future. And it mainly has to do with by the numbers of the last chapters of the soap opera that were negative.

The farewell photo of the actors of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes / Instagram)

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