Explained ending of “Overcome absence”

“Overcome the Absence”the fourth installment of the “Vencer” franchise produced by Rosy Ocampo, came to an end on Friday, November 4, 2022. Through the Las Estrellas channel, the last chapter of the melodrama showed the audience the fate of Esther, Julia, Celeste and Rayo.

the melodrama is an original by Pedro Armando Rodríguez and Gerardo Pérez Zermeño in co-adaptation with Alejandra Romero, Humberto Robles, Luis Gamboa Gangoiti and Daniela Ochoa.

“Overcome the Absence” It starred Mayrín Villanueva, Ariadne Díaz, Alejandra Barros and María Perroni Garza. They were accompanied by David Zepeda, Danilo Carrera and Alexis Ayala. In that sense, we tell you what happened in the final episode of the soap opera.

The plot of “Overcome absence” revolved around the pain that any type of absence represents, mainly that of loved ones (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)


In the final chapter of “Overcome the Absence”, Jerónimo (David Zepeda) stops Esther (Mayrín Villanueva) before she can kill Braulio (Alexis Ayala) and then falls into a depression.

On the other hand, Celeste (Alejandra Barros) goes to the Public Ministry and denounces Braulio. Iván (Andrés Vázquez) appears to Esther in a dream and says goodbye to her, then her loved ones say goodbye to her ashes in a park.

A few months later, Esther reconciles with her daughter-in-law and they are in peace. Donato (Agustín Arana) proposes to Jerónimo and his children that they live together and they accept. While Flavia tells Julia (Ariadne Díaz) and Celeste that she reconciled with Máximo (Felipe Nájera) and they will live together again in a house.

Braulio goes to prison and keeps telling Celeste that he did everything for love. Celeste then gives birth to a baby boy. In the final scenes we see that the four protagonists meet in a park, talk about their friendship and each give a message of hope.

Ariadne Díaz in her character of Julia in the telenovela "Overcome the absence" (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)
Ariadne Díaz in her character of Julia in the telenovela “Overcome the absence” (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)


Celeste’s decision to denounce her husband was the surprising part of the ending of “Overcoming Absence”. While Flavia’s regret was very sincere, and then her apology to Esther closed her character.

Iván’s farewell to Esther and her ashes, as well as Margarita’s farewell to Rayo, were among the most emotional in the final chapter of the telenovela.

On the other hand, the relationship between Esther and Jerónimo will remain as an unhurried love. As the review of

While Julia represented the fighting mother whose main objective was the well-being of her son. At the beginning, her story was marked by the absence of her husband, Misael, but then it turned into a fight against himself.

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