Explained ending of “La reina del sur” – Season 3: what happened to Teresa Mendoza and her enemies

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. In the third season of “Queen of the South”a successful Telemundo telenovela that is now available on NetflixAfter four years in prison, Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) escapes with the help of Epifanio (Humberto Zurita), who wants her for a mission in Bolivia. Meanwhile, Sofía (Isabella Sierra), who is already a teenager, also needs her.

Teresa emerges from the tunnel in Mexico, where Epifanio greets her and offers her a deal that she accepts, leading her to become involved in a new and unexpected alliance, risking her life on a tour across Latin America and attacking the DEA in a way that no one dared to imagine.

Even though “” has the support of his former allies, he must deal with powerful enemies that threaten his life and that of his daughter. In search of the Black Horseman and the information that could destroy the DEA, Teresa travels through Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.

Teresa Mendoza meeting with Epifanio Vargas at the incident of the third season of “La reina del sur” (Photo: Telemundo)


In her search, Teresa loses several members of her team, including Jonathan and Rocío Aljarafe. Also, the closer they get to the hidden evidence, the more dangers and threats they face. In fact, Palermo and Charlie will stop at nothing to find his whereabouts.

For his part, Genoveva Alcalá lives hell with Epifanio, who does not allow her to see her son after his supposed suicide attempt. When her father puts a plan in motion to rescue her from her, the President of Mexico takes it upon himself to get rid of him in a car accident.

Although her allies organize an escape plan, Genoveva decides to stay after remembering what her husband did to her and begins to work against him. Thanks to a notice from the First Lady, Senator Kozar obtains important testimony against Epifanio.

But before I can destroy it, ” and his team discover that there is more than one horseman and find what they were looking for so much in Ecuador. Epifanio meets with them and after obtaining the weapon against the DEA, he orders to get rid of his associates and makes a deal with Senator Kozar.

Teresa and Oleg survive, as do other members of the team, and have no choice but to join forces with Palermo and Senator Jay Garcia. Also, they form an alliance with Genoveva and prepare to unmask everyone during an important meeting with Kozar in Mexico.

Genoveva helped destroy Epifanio in the third season of "La reina del sur" (Photo: Telemundo)

Genoveva helped destroy Epifanio in the third season of “La reina del sur” (Photo: Telemundo)


The meeting between Kozar and Epifanio

Teresa and her allies infiltrate the building by pretending to be part of the catering service and planting cameras and microphones all over the place to get them to confess to their crimes. Despite the support of the First Lady, they are discovered by one of the senator’s men. and they are forced to make him their hostage.

Noticing the absence of his trusted man, Kozar demands that Epifanio order his search immediately, but the president plays it down. However, he realizes that this is a big deal when Teresa calls him and asks to meet in private in exchange for Whitaker.

Meanwhile, Faustino Sánchez Godoy sets a trap for Charlie with the help of Sofía and avenges the death of his beloved Rocío.

The queen of the south vs. epifanio

“The Queen of the South” confronts Epifanio, who without realizing that he is being recorded admits his crimes and talks about the deal he reached with Senator Kozar. Realizing that all is lost for the president, Delio Jurado and the other soldiers decide to order his capture to save themselves.

However, the soldier in charge of Epifanio’s arrest allows himself to be bought and helps him escape. However, Teresa appears, gets rid of the officer and prevents the escape of her enemy. Although the president shoots her in the leg, she shoots him in the stomach and then in the head so that there is no doubt about her death.

At the end of the third season of “La reina del sur”, Palermo is appointed head of the DEA, Senator Kozar is arrested, Mateo regains his freedom, Genoveva can start a new life with her son, Batman and Sheila form a family, Sofía meets with Mateo and Teresa finds a large amount of money in the truck she used to escape. Will there be season 4?

Teresa Mendoza murdered Epifanio Vargas at the end of the third season of "La reina del sur" (Photo: Telemundo)

Teresa Mendoza murdered Epifanio Vargas at the end of the third season of “La reina del sur” (Photo: Telemundo)

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