Explained ending of “Clean”: what happened to the protagonist of the Netflix action movie?

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Directed by Paul Solet and starring Adrien Brody, “Clean” is an action-thriller film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 19, 2021, hit theaters on January 28, 2022 and from Sunday July 17.

The action film follows , a former hitman who regrets his violent past and tries to lead a quiet life as a garbage collector in New York City. Although he attends a support group he cannot get over his sins and the loss of his daughter.

To atone for his sins, he helps his neighbors, especially Dianda, a young woman who reminds him of his daughter. Despite warnings from Chandler DuPont’s character gets involved with a group of criminals and during a party they drug her and try to abuse her.

Clean helping Dianda in this action movie (Photo: Netflix)


However, Dianda is not out of danger, since one of her attackers is the son of the local drug dealer, who will not stop until he completes his revenge. Therefore, the protagonist of the film that got a place in the Top 10 of the most popular Netflix productions is forced to dust off his weapons and protect his neighbor from him.

After escaping from a cop bought by the crime boss, the fugitives make a brief stop and are surprised by a group of hit men, but manage to escape unscathed thanks to Clean’s skills.

Realizing the danger they are in, Dianda’s grandmother berates the garbage collector for starting a war against Michael, the drug cartel boss who orders the murder of both women, however, Adrien Brody’s character promises to solve the problem.

While Dianda and her grandmother hide in a safe place, Clean gets weapons and prepares to face Michel. However, he doesn’t plan to wait for the next attack but to go find it and get rid of the problem like old times.

Clean preparing to attack Michael in his own home (Photo: Netflix)
Clean preparing to attack Michael in his own home (Photo: Netflix)


To frighten his victim, Clean phones the mobster and warns him that he knows his address. When the drug trafficker discovers the true identity of the garbage collector, he resorts to all his contacts to ensure the protection of his family, but he does not imagine what he has in store for him.

Clean breaks into his enemy’s house with a garbage truck, then murders each of the drug dealer’s men. Although some put up more of a fight than others, it doesn’t take long for the ex-hitman to get rid of them.

Finally, he comes face to face with Michel, who unsuccessfully shoots him. However, she manages to reduce Clean and is about to defeat him, but thanks to a memory of his daughter, he rejoins and begins to beat him. At that moment the mobster’s son appears and although his face is shattered he shoots the garbage collector in his shoulder.

Michel smiles proudly at his son, but the young man attacks his father and empties the magazine of his gun. In the end, Clean survives and manages to save Dianda.

Clean holding a gun to protect Dianda and her grandmother (Photo: Netflix)
Clean holding a gun to protect Dianda and her grandmother (Photo: Netflix)


  • Adrien Brody as Clean
  • Glenn Fleshler as Michael
  • Richie Merritt as Mikey
  • Chandler DuPont as Dianda
  • Mykelti Williamson as Travis
  • RZA as Pawn Shop Kurt

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