EXO was very supportive of Chen after the idol announced their marriage

Before his military service began, Chen was embroiled in controversy. Some fans showed his discontent when they found out that the idol would marry and have a child, even demanding his departure from the group. Recently, the Last Scene interpreter spoke about all the support he received from EXO at that time.

Chen is currently promoting last scene, his third mini album as a solo artist and the first album in almost two years of hiatus. This comeback was very important for the idol and he commented that he could not have done it without the help of EXO.

Chen received a lot of support from the EXO members. // Source: Twitter @dohempathy

almost two years ago, Chen he shocked the fandom with the news that he was getting married and becoming a father. In the world of K-Pop, this type of news is usually received with different positions, while some fans fully support the idol, others show their discontent and even, in more extreme cases, ask for the member to withdraw from the group.

This almost happened with Chen, after hearing the news, there were even fans who ‘strike’ outside of SM Entertainment, demanding that the idol no longer be a part of EXO. Although the group of fans gathered did not exceed 30, thousands of fans around the world showed their support for the idol, who shortly after went to do his military service.

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Chen Confessed How EXO Members Supported Him Through His Marriage

EXO’s Chen is currently the father of two children and continues to keep his marriage private as he married a non-celebrity woman. In a recent interview, the idol decided to talk about the support he received in recent years from EXO.

When asked what the past few years have been like for him, Chen explained that he received a lot of strength and courage on the part of his groupmates. Assuring that he still remembered how each member treated him as if nothing would have happened, since for them it was still the same. When he thinks about it, Chen confessed that he feels very grateful.

EXO was always there for Chen. // Source: Twitter @EXOfanbase_Int

The members of EXO They constantly show their closeness and friendship, supporting each other every time someone has a problem or has a new project. EXO-L is very aware of this and therefore admires the group members too much.

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Last Scene is Chen’s new comeback, after two years of hiatus

After concluding his military service, EXO’s Chen kept a low profile. It took several weeks for him to release a cover of one of his songs, later he participated in the Doctor Lawyer OST. Finally, he began to have performances at K-Pop festivals abroad, beginning to have a great reception from his fans. So a few months ago he announced that he would be releasing his third mini album as a solo artist and excited the fandom with last scene. What was your favorite song?

In other news, some fans believe that EXO’s Chanyeol changed after he finished his military service. You realized?

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