EXO Quiz: How much do you know about the concept and theories of the group?

EXO debuted in 2012 with the song MAMA and from the beginning it shows a movie-style introduction explaining the history of the group’s concept. If you’ve been a fan of EXO since its inception, do you know everything you need to know about the group? This quiz will test your knowledge.

EXO debuted as a 12-member group and split into two sub-units named EXO-K and EXO-M. From their first MV, they showed a novel concept, full of theories and history. East test It will tell you if you remember everything about the group.

How much do you remember about EXO’s concept? // Source: Twitter @SMTOWNGLOBAL

East test It won’t take you more than five minutes and it will help you remember a bit of the history of EXO, his initial concept and his powers. Are you ready to test your knowledge about the group?

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From EXO’s initial concept, how much do you remember their theories and powers?

For this test, each answer has a different score, you must count your correct answers and the sum will give you the result.

  • What is EXO’s concept?

A) 12 superior forces that fight to protect the tree of life from the Red Force. (10 points)

B) 12 alien boys who must fight against the enemy. (0 points)

C) 12 humans who travel to space to fight the Red Force. (0 points)

  • Why were there two subunits at the beginning?

A) Because there were 12 forces that were divided in two to reduce their power. (10 points)

B) Because there were many in one group. (0 points)

C) Because one group was good and the other was bad. (0 points)

A) It’s the name of EXO’s concert. (0 points)

B) The planet where the fans live. (0 points)

C) The planet that EXO members come from. (10 points).

  • What power do EXO members NOT have?

A) Rays. (0 points)

B) Teleportation. (0 points)

C) Superspeed. (10 points)

  • What is the Red Force?

A) A group of rebels attacking EXO. (0 points)

B) Talk about the group’s antis. (0 points)

C) A group that wants to destroy the tree of life and separated EXO. (10 points)

A) EXO members spellbound. (0 points)

B) Clones of EXO members. (10 points)

C) EXO’s twin brothers. (0 points)

  • Why are eclipses important?

A) The eclipse means that the Red Force reached them. (0 points)

B) They announce the departure of members of the group. (0 points)

C) It is the moment where the two groups can meet. (10 points)

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  • From 0 to 20 points: You don’t know much about EXO.

You may be baby EXO-L or you may not have the best memory ever. That doesn’t matter, if you still don’t know much about EXO, it’s always the right time to soak up his theories and history.

You made Baekhyun cry with your result. // Source: Twitter @noona_condition

  • From 30 to 60 points: You remember a lot of things about EXO.

Sometimes you forget some details but you remember a lot about EXO’s initial concept and you are aware of the theories that appear in each MV.

EXO’s Sehun approves your result. // Source: Twitter @seholy94

  • 70 points: You are the best EXO-L of all.

You perfectly remember the powers and theories of each of EXO’s comebacks. His story has been with you for a long time and you can’t wait to see how it continues.

Chanyeol is proud of you. // Source: Twitter @noona_condition

In other news, EXO was very supportive of Chen during the time he was on hiatus. Do you want to know how they did it?

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