EXO: Kai and Suho show their love for Sehun at Pirates 2 premiere

The EXO members have repeatedly shown that their relationship goes beyond the stage, supporting each other and making it clear that they have a true friendship.

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While it will not be seen EXO working fully together on the stage until 2025, as some of the members are in military service and others are about to do so, they have found a way to stick together.

This time the support and affection was received by the youngest member of the group, oh Sehun Do you want to know how the other EXO members surprised him this time?

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Sehun is at a great time in his career as, while his activities with EXO are on hiatus, he has managed to stand out on the big screen with incredible projects like ‘The Pirates: Goblin Flag‘, a film that has in its main cast the member of the K-Pop group and which has just premiered in South Korea.

Sehun’s new movie opens. (Twitter: @korea_odyssey)

Sehun is surprised by Kai and Suho at his movie premiere

Well, the surprise came when EXO-L discovered that Kai Y Dry were present at the premiere from new movie from Sehun: “The Pirates 2”. Although the idols attended with face masks, due to hygiene measures, they managed to be recognized by the attendees at the event.

It’s surprising how the two members took the time to go to the premiere of the new movie starring Sehun despite Kai’s schedule, which can be very tight and Suho is still doing his military service. We can certainly see the love that exists between them.

What is ‘The Pirates 2’ about? Sehun’s new movie

The sequel “The Pirates 2“It is an action and adventure film set in ancient Korea. It takes place in the naval fight between pirates and explorers to find a seal and treasures.

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Sehun returns to act for the movie “Pirates.” (Twitter: @ Indian_exol_06)

In this film Sehun will once again show his acting skills by developing one of the main characters called “Han-goong”. All of EXO-L is excited to see the actor and singer on the big screen again.

In other equally pleasant news, Stray Kids has everything ready for their new concert in 2022. Do you want to know what songs they are going to present?

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