EXO: Funny Group Moments That Fans Can’t Forget

Each of the EXO members has a unique and fun personality, and when the group gets together, they can’t help but make EXO-L laugh with all their quips. Whether at concerts or shows, idols will always do something fun that will have their fans laughing for years. What are the best moments?

exo is one of the most talented and popular groups in K-Pop, although it has been a while since their last comeback as a group, they are always looking for a way to contact EXO-L and make her laugh. In addition to that, he has many funny moments that fans can not forget.

EXO always find a way to make their fans laugh. // Source: Twitter @EXOLSpain

Several of EXO’s members have finished their military service this year, while Suho and Chen have already finished it, in a few weeks Chanyeol will finish his duty and be able to return to EXO. For that reason, while fans wait for the return of the group, these are some of their funniest moments.

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EXO Moments That Make Fans Laugh Out Loud

South Korean girl group EXO debuted in 2012 and have been entertaining fans ever since with their unique and fun personalities. The upcoming compilation showcases several of the group’s funniest moments that EXO-L can’t forget.

During an EXO concert, Kai he jumped and did several laps, leaving the fans and his teammates completely impressed. To see it, chanyeol He did not hesitate to imitate him, but the result was not as good as Kai’s, making EXO-L laugh completely.

exo it’s so much fun when it comes to games on variety shows and the time they had to yell a word to each other while wearing headphones with very loud music made their fans laugh too much, especially when they imagined a word that had nothing to do with the one they were supposed to yell at each other

During a concert, the members of exo they played at being animals and imitate sounds of animals. However, they not only imitated the animals, their performance went even further as they perfectly recreated the actions of monkeys.

Not many members of exo They dominate English. So, in an English interview for iheartradio, many members could be seen trying hard to pretend they were understanding, drawing laughter from other members for their hilarious responses.

Lastly, a video of Kai gathering only rock, paper or scissors for a few ISAC continues to make fans laugh every time they remember it. He was surely practicing for when he had to compete with one of his teammates. What is your favorite EXO moment?

In other news, Sehun confessed that EXO is working on a possible comeback and concert tour, did you hear?

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