EXO congratulated EXO-L on the anniversary of the fandom name

L-1485! Today is EXO-L’s anniversary as a fandom of the South Korean group EXO. The group’s fans celebrated their birthday with great enthusiasm, and their favorite artists joined the celebration by sending special messages to their fans on their birthday. Who remembered EXO-L’s birthday?

EXO L is celebrating, because they have been called that way in the fandom for years. For this reason, the members of exo They took the opportunity to send messages to their fans through different social networks.

Congratulations from EXO on EXO-L’s anniversary. // Source: Twitter @tinkerL11

On August 5, 2014 EXO-L received their fandom name and since then, all EXO fans have identified themselves in that way. Since then, every year they enthusiastically celebrate their anniversary as EXO L.

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EXO Members Sent Congratulations To Their Fans On Their Anniversary

Several of the EXO members remembered EXO-L on their anniversary and sought to send messages to congratulate their fans on their day. The leader, Suho, decided to make a live broadcast where he congratulated his fans on this special day. In the same, Suho He mentioned that he would always love EXO-L and that he was on the broadcast to celebrate the anniversary.

  • Suho’s live for EXO-L’s anniversary. // Source: Twitter


Despite being on active duty chanyeol took a picture of his L-1485 tattoo to remember EXO-L and send him a special greeting on his day.

Instagram story of Chanyeol congratulating EXO-L. // Source: Twitter @EXO_PlanetLatam

through Bubble, DO He also reminded his followers, sending a loving message wishing everyone a happy birthday along with a celebratory emoji.

DO’s congratulations to EXO-L. // Source: Twitter @exolyoutubeteam

baekhyun is another member who is on active duty. Despite his duties in the army, the idol took the opportunity to take a special photo for his followers.

Baekhyun sent selfies for EXO-L. // Source: Twitter @baekmanhyuns

through Bubble, Xiumin He also shared a series of special photos of his hands where he makes the EXO logo, the L and a heart, as a message to his fans for his anniversary.

Xiumin sent pictures of his hands to EXO-L. // Source: Twitter @dreamer12017440

Kai also sent congratulations to EXO-L through Bubble, with a sweet message congratulating them on their eighth anniversary as a fandom.

Kai sent a message in Bubble for EXO-L. // Source: Twitter @sssilverlight

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EXO-L thought EXO wouldn’t congratulate fans on their special date

Because most of the EXO members were slow to post any message to EXO-L, many fans came to think that they had completely forgotten and even imagined that no one would congratulate them. However, idols started sharing messages on their social media to cheer up EXO-L. Better late than never! Congratulations EXO-Ls!

In other news, DO recalled how shocked he was after seeing Kai cry at the anniversary event they had with EXO-L, did you know?

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