Exemplary gesture: garbage collector finds bank receipt with money and went to pay it

Surely you have ever been asked the typical question of “If you found a bag full of money, would you return it?” Opinions are divided around this type of situation. But Márcio Henrique Lopes Pena, a 39-year-old Brazilian garbage collector, had it clear: he set out to find a bank receipt with money in a landfill and as soon as he found them, he paid immediately. Now the municipal authorities have publicly recognized his gesture.

Márcio started his work day early on November 3 in the city of Papagaios (Brazil). Once the tour of the city was over, he went to the rural area until he met a woman who was very nervous and asked what was happening. “She told me she wasn’t sure, but she thought I had thrown away the money and the bank receipt to pay for the car, Márcio told O Tempo. It was at that moment that Márcio decided to help her.

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How did you find the money?

Márcio immediately drove to the Minas Gerais municipal landfill to begin the difficult search, until he found the money. He opened all the garbage bags in order to find him, although he took all the precautions of the case. I had to be very careful, because you can’t go through the garbage anyway “, said.

After several minutes going through each bag, he found a piece of paper that made him think it was the real one. “When I saw it, I thought, ‘Maybe this is it?'”. He reviewed the document and verified that it matched the sum of money that was next to it. “The money was scarce, it was 440 reais (about 80 dollars)”, he counted.

Man found bank receipt with money and went straight to pay the bill. (Photo: Pixabay)

He celebrated his find and went to pay the branch and took the receipt to the woman. Márcio is happy to have done his good deed, and have I follow an example for your little son. “It is a great joy, a legacy that I will leave for my 11-year-old son. Many people came to me and thanked me “, he indicated.

Recognition of your honesty

Although this could not stay that way, since the Municipal Prefecture of Papagaios paid a deserved recognition to Márcio for his honesty. “Our partner Márcio is an exemplary employee, honest and dedicated. With so many qualities “the institution wrote in a statement.

The municipality highlighted the importance of making a contribution when someone needs it. “This unusual case occurred in our city and Márcio’s attitude makes us believe that it is possible to build a better world. All that is needed is for everyone to do their part. “, published on his website. “Change begins with simple and positive attitudes of each person”was what ended the message.

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