Exclusive! Roberta Miranda reveals stories of São João and promises ‘pauleira’ show in Campina Grande

Roberta Miranda has experienced difficult times recently with the loss of her four-legged son, Pétit Robert, and with Covid-19, but, this Friday (24/06), he will have solace in the arms of a crowd of fans. The singer, known as the Queen of the Sertanejo, is one of the attractions of São João de Campina Grande and takes the stage exactly on the feast day.

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In conversation with Purepeople, Roberta celebrates the return to one of the biggest São João parties in the world. “I haven’t done São João in Paraíba for a few years. I’m super excited to return to my land, my people“, he celebrated.

Born in the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa, Roberta admits that performing in her homeland has a special flavor. “We have a different relationship. For years, I’ve been receiving messages on Instagram, people calling at the office asking for shows and my return to Paraíba and, thank God, we managed to organize this return in 2022 and on such a special date, São João. I will be giving my audience and fans what they deserve, your daughter Roberta Miranda“, said the artist.


When it comes to Saint John, Roberta has fun remembering remarkable childhood memories lived at this time of year.

“I’m already having fun before I tell you (laughs). My childhood in Mata do Buraquinho [Jardim Botânico em João Pessoa] holds many memories. I lived in Tambau [bairro da cidade], spent a lot of time on the beach, having fun in that 28 degree heat. I also lived with skinned knees from running so much from the boys who wanted to beat me, after all, I was a bit naughty. He poked the wasp box with the stick so that the insects could sting the boys. I played marbles, jumped rope, put the top to spin in my hands, I lived this phase of mine intensely, I can say that I was a kid (laughs)“, he joked.

To express such an affective memory in the form of music, Roberta promises a special setlist for the fans who were waiting for her in São João de Campina Grande. “I return to Paraíba with several important songs in my repertoire, such as ‘Majestade o Sabiá’ and ‘Meu Dengo’, these tracks took me to places I never imagined. In addition to these hits, of course there will be forró, country classics, Luiz Gonzaga, Gilberto Gil and much more. I’ll stop giving spoilers, what I can guarantee is that it will be a pauleira from start to finish“, he promised.

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