Exclusive: Lorenzo Adorni confirms the second season of the Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts on Netflix

Netflix did it again! After some unsuccessful attempts, he now opted for Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts, a love story that revives the romantic genre. Giving a completely different perspective to the typical plots that the series of hearts have, now this one is based on the human connections through the stars. And, with a season of just six episodes, the strip has already become a worldwide sensation.

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Of Italian origin, Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts It is based on the best seller by writer Silvia Zucca. The series, as well as the original writing, follows the life of Alice Bassi (Claudia Gusmano), a television production assistant who feels her life is a disaster until she meets Tio. This character, played by Lorenzo Adorni, changes his life completely.

Tio is an astrologer who works on the same channel as her and begins to introduce this woman with a crazy life to astrology. And, without expecting it, Alice finds in this fanatic for the stars an ally and accomplice when it comes to looking for love. However, the fate they take is not what all fans expect: they are just friends and each begins a separate story.

Although the relationship between Tio and Alice is stronger than ever, the truth is that the followers of Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts they were eager to find out what the future holds for these two beloved characters. Therefore, after having a dental treatment and in full recovery, Lorenzo Adorni spoke exclusively with Spoiler about his experience in this strip and confirmed what many expected: there will be a second season.

Watch a second part, now? No, not now, because even I didn’t see her. But I can tell you and all the fans in Argentina that we already filmed the second part. It’s done, it’s closed”, He began by advancing and then added:“they have to be careful during these months of 2022 because the premiere of the second season could come faster”.

Likewise, the actor also declared himself a fan of Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts and revealed his anxiety for the premiere. “I’m looking forward to it as much as you guys because I hardly saw anything. I think I saw three or four lines from the second season. I saw some pictures and it was really cool. I remember many of the scenes we shot. Very funny”, He expressed with joy.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Lorenzo Adorni also defined the second edition and clarified that it will be much more powerful. “I can say that, for me, the second season is better than the first. It’s more intense, more to the point. So I hope it’s the same for you guys because I loved filming it”Were his exact words.

So, after expressing his desire for things to come, although he could not give more details, Adorni assured something that will leave the fans very happy: Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts is ready to return. Although, as he said, it will probably be next year as it is still in full promotion in Italy.

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