Exclusive! Jesuita Barbosa is caught kissing on the beach and we find out who the handsome guy is

Sextou in hot weather! Jesuita Barbosa, interpreter of Jove in “Pantanal” (+ check summary of upcoming chapters), was caught kissing this Friday (5th) at Leblon beach, in Rio de Janeiro. The photos were clicked two weeks after rumors that the actor would have reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, photographer Fabio Audi. Months earlier, the artist was rumored to have an affair with Alanis Guillen, with whom he lives with a romantic partner in the 9 pm telenovela.

According to Purepeople sources, the boy with whom Jesuita exchanged kisses is called Cicero Ibeiro. The young man is a designer, works with styling, art direction and production design and holds a master’s degree in design at a university in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. In May of this year, he published a video of the actor recorded, precisely, on a beach in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Go to the gallery and see the photos!


Jesuita Barbosa is discreet about his private life, but when it comes to sexuality, he makes a point of positioning himself, especially, to raise debates on issues of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Despite having already declared himself bisexual in an interview with Pedro Bial, he sees sexuality as something cyclical. “They are phases of life. On that show it was a phase, now I’m pretty straight,” he said, in an interview with GQ magazine. “But if it’s to put myself in the role of the community, you can write it there, please: I’m a fag. I think, for example, the idea of ​​putting myself as a fag or straight is limiting, they are like two pre-defined boxes“, he added.

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