Exclusive interview with Ebony Vagulans from My Life is Murder

My Life is Murder follow the adventures of the intrepid private investigator Alexa Crowe, who solves the most baffling crimes and deals with the frustrations of everyday life. The TV program is available on Acorn TV And it’s already in its third season. We had the opportunity to speak with Ebony Vagulans that in the show is Madison Feliciano, Alexa’s assistant. She is about a former hacker who enrolled in the scientific police to avoid being arrested.

+The report to Ebony Vagulans

.1. Is Madison Feliciano some kind of Robin to Alexa’s Batman?

I think so! I don’t know much about Batman and Robin but if Robin is around Batman constantly and is very helpful then this is true.

.two. Madison appears speaking at a distance in this season

Yes, in two episodes my character uses facetime but the rest of the season she is present. What happens is that she is in France solving a mystery that Alexa does not know but the audiences do.

.3. What is your dynamic with Lucy Lawless?

Lucy and I became close very quickly. She was living in Melbourne and I moved from Sydney to the same city. I always thought she was cool but Lucy didn’t know much about me. Then we discovered that we had a lot in common like our goofy humor. She hosted me at her house for a good portion of the second season of the show and I was part of her family. I would definitely say that she is a good friend.

.4. Did you like crime and investigation shows?

I was a big fan of the genre. My favorite show is The Wire which is certainly different from ours. I’m fascinated by that kind of world as an actress as well as eagerly checking out the longevity of crime-based series that audiences love to explore.

.5. What is your relationship with fame?

It is fascinating! I wouldn’t say I’m a famous person and it shocks me when I find myself in these kinds of interviews where I tell my family and friends what’s going on. (…) There are small experiences, such as recently on a flight to Tanzania, someone approached me to tell me that he was a fan of the show, which is incredible because it’s my job. Despite the fact that it is present throughout the world and they see it in different languages. It’s very exciting.

.6. Is there something you want to do professionally…

Acting is my first love professionally although I know how difficult it is to stay afloat in this career. If I had to expand what I would do is write. I’d like to write for the show or do it and cast friends of mine. When it comes to acting I would do anything, however when I was younger I was more obsessed with my goals. Now I go with the flow.

.7. Which Hollywood actor or actress would you like to work with?

My biggest acting hero is Cate Blanchett. She is extraordinary. Just meeting her would be amazing and working with her would be very difficult because I’m such a fan. There are many other actors that I admire. I am a fan of the movies in the same way that I am committed to this work and I love the people who work in this industry. On the show I run into people I’ve seen working previously.

.8. Do you have a favorite movie?

Yes! It’s a classic, The Godfather, the movie that changed my life. I saw it when I was 10 years old and I was shocked. Every performance, the script and the atmosphere. It transported me to this world that I had no idea about and I fell in love even obsessed with the score until reciting the lines of Marlon Brando.

.9. Can My Life is Murder go on for many more seasons?

I think so because of the incredible sensation that it is generating in people, which is very mobilizing, and I would love to continue for many more years, although it is a decision that I cannot make. Its structure allows it to continue because it is not a story that is going to end since each episode is a separate chapter. I wish it to continue for many more years!

.10. As a writer, do you have theories of the direction the writers of the show will take?

I wouldn’t call myself a writer, that’s a compliment. I tried to study how they work because I know a lot about the characters which is a good way to see how they do things. In episode 9 of this season they let me participate in the writers room with the writer in charge and see his process. They started with a location and added stories collaboratively. It’s not just one person in a room drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. There are many writers helping each other.

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