Exclusive! Can Tiago Piquilo and Tania Mara come back? Singer comments on controversy with Aline in ‘A Fazenda 13’

Tiago Piquilo was the eighth eliminated from “The Farm 13”. In participation without major controversies and shocking exit in dispute with Dayane Mello, the countryman was one of those who entered dating and left single, after the breakup with Tânia Mara, as will be the case of Dynho Alves, after divorce with Mirella.

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The ex-pawn tells the Purepeople about the controversial close relationship with Aline Mineiro at the headquarters, which was the target of comments on the web due to the fact that the two were committed, as well as the atmosphere of romance between Sthe Matos and Dynho Alves.

While Aline lives new dramas on the reality show, after having exposed to pedestrians that Dayane Mello tore Rico’s jacket, Tiago reflected on his relationship with his ex-panicat and said he was calm about the moments of interaction with his friend.

Tiago Piquilo comments on relationship with Aline Mineiro in ‘A Fazenda 13’: ‘I avoided what I could’

“My conscience is clear. I took care, I avoided what I could in there so as not to cause embarrassment for some people out here.”, says the countryman, about his proximity to Aline Mineiro and Valentina Francavilla.

“I have total control of what I do, not how they interpret me. The interpretation depends a lot on the state of each one, on the look of each one, on the moment each one lives”, continues Hugo’s duo, who explained the scheme from Record to talk about the death of Marília Mendonça to the famous.

Tiago Piquilo does not spare praise for Aline, confirming characteristics already pointed out by the model’s sign. “Aline is super affectionate with everyone and at times I was even afraid of appearing boring for always being a little isolated in some situations”, he says.

“Aline has always been very well resolved in there, especially when exposing her relationship with Léo Lins. She’s a good person! She has light. In there, everything is different to the point that we can’t imagine the analysis out here.”, he adds.

Back with Tania Mara? Tiago reveals how the relationship of the sertanejos is after ‘A Fazenda 13’

Tiago Piquilo and Tânia Mara had decided to continue their seven-month relationship when the singer joined the Record reality show.

Upon leaving the confinement, the countryman explained that the relationship had not yet been assumed to the public and that he had a disagreement with the singer hours before entering the rural headquarters, despite not specifying the reason for the fight.

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About a possible resumption of the romance with his ex, Tiago Piquilo remains open. “Tania was always there with me in my thoughts and in my care. She is a super important person for me that, independently, I will always carry in my heart”, he evaluates.

“I never agreed to strive for any relationship. If I am a special and important person for her, she will reflect the time she was with me and the man I am. I’m fine with me, with my heart and my conscience.”, he concludes.

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