Ex-wife of Jô Soares gets emotional at the presenter’s wake and is comforted. Photos!

Flavia Pedras, responsible for reporting on the death of Jô Soares in the early hours of this Friday (5), did not hold back tears during the artist’s wake. Flavia arrived at the ceremony accompanied by her wife, singer Zélia Duncan, and needed to be comforted during the wake that took place in São Paulo. O moment was restricted to family and closest friends of the one presentedre some famous people offered solidarity.

Jô Soares and Flavia were married for 15 years and separated in 1998, but remained friends. The presenter, who confessed to being a hypochondriac of exotic diseases, did not want the cause of his death to be revealed and told in an interview how he would like to be remembered. Receiving tributes from several celebrities, the wake was marked by a tribute made by Silvio Santos.

Adriane Galisteu exposes Jô Soares’ delicate moment before death

A neighbor and friend of Jô Soares, Adriane Galisteu said that she had the text ready for another work on stage to be directed by Jô. “Jô had invited me to do a new show, with the role of a domestic worker. I had already worked with him three other times,” he told Quem.

Previously, the presenter explained about a delicate moment experienced by Jô Soares. “He was in a delicate moment of health. He had a complicated treatment, with advanced age, he went to and from the hospital, But it does not matter. People are never ready to go. I don’t know how to deal with death,” Galisteu said in an interview with journalist William Leite.

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