Ex-RedeTV, Fernanda Henz poses sexy and recalls her participation in reality: “I was judged right away”

One year has passed since the participation of the model and influencer Fernanda Henz, 26 years old, on the reality show ‘Summer Beauty’, presented by João Kléber on TV network!. For her, it was a unique and challenging experience.

There, the brunette made friendships that continue to this day, but she also got involved in discussions that, for her, have not yet been resolved. One of them has to do with his ‘false elimination’, on the second day of confinement.

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“There on the reality show, I realized how there is a good and a bad side, of falsehood. I was judged right away, as I was one of the ones who interacted the most with all the girls. I understood that I could be a threat, so they detonated me. Some still owe me an apology, I was unfairly pointed out”, she reveals. “I never argued or fought for nothing, it was always for justice, whether for me or for other people”, he emphasizes.

During confinement in the mansion, the most memorable moment for the model from Rio Grande do Sul was when she excelled in the final show, since in the last episode the 14 participants were evaluated by famous judges.

“I was very nervous and apprehensive, I thought I couldn’t even walk. But I held back the anxiety and made a good show. I was proud of myself. A movie played in my head, my record just hit it there, I thought: dammit, I’m on TV”, he recalls with laughter.

Even being competitive, Fernanda says she had no expectation of winning the reality show. After all, the winner had to add the most points in tests of luck, skill and physical endurance. “I joined to overcome fears and live a different experience, to live with totally different people. I didn’t enter for the competition”, he confesses.

“I didn’t do so well in the tests, but I left with my head held high and happy with my participation. I enjoyed every moment”, he highlights in the sequence.

And that’s exactly why the model doesn’t regret anything she did during her participation. For her, every moment at the mansion was very real, on her part. “The confinement is very difficult. People’s mood changes a lot and that moves everyone. Besides, of course, the personality of each one. Some are explosive, others are calmer and some are even bad-tempered. I was disappointed with two or three in there”, he delivers.

After the reality show, Fernanda entered the art world doing fashion campaigns, photos, recordings and VIP presences. The model reveals a taste for cameras and bets on communication. “I always liked cameras. I have an extrovert way, so I like to show up and work in that environment. If I paint an invitation to another reality show, I’m in, even more if it’s making out. As a good Aquarius, I am always prepared for news and challenges. In ‘Bela do Verão’ I showed my sweetest side, now I want to really cause it and get into polemics”, he completes with laughter.

Photo: Mari Araujo / Edu Graboski / Disclosure

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