Ex-partner of Marília Mendonça reveals images of his son: “Taking care of each other…”

Murillo Huff, former partner of Marília Mendonça and father of the singer’s only child, revealed yesterday the first images of the boy after the tragic death of his mother in a plane accident.

“Always like this, taking care of each other”, it can be read in the caption of the video that the musician shared on social networks and that thrilled his followers.

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Marília Mendonça left the music world in shock (and beyond) with the news of her tragic death, aged 26, following the plane crash where she was going to another concert.

The singer’s mother had already revealed that the boy, almost two years old, thinks his mother went to work: “He still doesn’t understand what’s happening. For him, his mother went to work, as we always said to him: ‘Mother is working’. If he sees her bedroom door closed, he says ‘mommy’. He wants to go there, he wants to knock, he wants to enter. Sometimes I would go in with him and say: ‘Mom isn’t here, no, mom is working’”, revealed to Globo.

“We’ve already thought of different ways to count. I even commented to my mother: ‘Let’s talk about the little star, talk about the queen. His mother was a queen, she was a queen in Brazil, she was the queen of Brazil”, confessed the brother of Marília Mendonça.

See the video:

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