Ex of Whindersson Nunes, Maria Lina clarifies college action in court: ‘Debts paid in 2020’

Ex of Whindersson Nunes, Maria Lina Deggan denied having a debt of almost R$ 7 thousand with the Regional University of Blumenau (Santa Catarina). Back from a recent trip to Egypt, the influencer revealed the payment of tuition in 2020, and the institution confirmed the end of the debt.

In her Stories, the model shared a note from FURB. “The Attorney General’s Office of the Regional University of Blumenau informs that the former student, Maria Lina Deggan, presented proof of payment of the debt with the institution, which ends the collection action brought by the University”, begins the text.

FURB also states that it adopts measures for its students to be able to pay the debts and that it “adopts as a policy to preserve its students”. Then, Whindersson’s ex claimed to have paid off the installments two years ago and that after notifying the institution, the action was withdrawn by FURB.

“I went to my lawyer, we called FURB and then FURB said ‘she didn’t pay the debts, no payments were made in 2020’, and I said yes and I sent all the receipts (…) and they removed the action against me”, clarified the Santa Catarina, submitted to a procedure of filling in the lips.

+ Whindersson’s ex paid homage to youtuber

Maria Lina Deggan revealed her grandfather’s cry for false debt

At another point in the video, the influencer showed concern for her grandmother, whom she tried to protect from having access to the news. “I was upset for my family. My grandmother is a lady, very sensitive, I asked her not to look at any news, but when I sent the message, she had already seen it. My heart hurts, there’s no way not to hurt”, she said.

The influencer also said that the grandmother created her Instagram profile this week and that the grandfather ended up crying with the attacks that the famous granddaughter suffered on the web. Maria Lina also reinforced that because her grandparents are elderly people, they do not have full knowledge of social networks, although she has already talked to them about it.

Maria Lina’s son received tribute from his mother 1 year after death

At the end of May, Maria Lina paid tribute to João Miguel, her son who died days after giving birth, in 2021. “Meet John were the most special and intense 30 hours of my life. I had expectations, dreams, plans, projects. And they all left together with my baby, to God’s lap”lamented the Santa Catarina.

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