Ex-husband of Simaria took millions from joint account with singer. Find out what businessman did with money!

Away from her career to take care of her mental health, Simaria has a legal fight with her ex-husband, Vicente Escrig. The two have been separated since August 2021. The singer had a joint account with the entrepreneur, who used the equivalent of BRL 1.8 million from the account to acquire cryptocurrencies, more specifically Bitcoin.

Currently the cryptocurrency is traded at approximately BRL 100,000 per unit. Nowadays, with R$ 1.8 million it is possible to acquire 18 Bitcoins. The case would have occurred after the Spaniard was expelled from home. The fact appears in the processes between Simaria and Vicente, according to columnist Leo Dias.

Simaria’s ex demands that she pay rent on her own house

Vicente Escrig demanded that Simaria pay him rent for the house where she lives, claiming that half of the property is his. The businessman’s request, however, was denied by the court, at least until the sharing of goods takes place after the end of the marriage. The residence in question was purchased by Simaria in 2018, for BRL 2.9 million.

Simaria went to court to get her ex out of the house

Simaria appealed to the courts to remove Vicente Escrig from the house. In 2021, she filed for removal from the home with a determination of custody and visits, stating that he refused to leave the property belonging to the couple.

The artist also claims that she had meals locked in her room, as she was afraid of her husband. In addition, the Spaniard, according to the singer’s defense, was psychologically raping her.

the defense of Vicente Escrig states that, in fact, he did not leave the house, as he was responsible for taking care of the couple’s children, since he did not agree to delegate the raising of the children to nannies and other employees since Simaria was dedicated to his musical career.

Vicente Escrig also says through the process he ended his activities as a businessman to dedicate himself to the care of children.

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