Ex-FIFA finance chief testifies in Blatter-Platini trial

On the 5th day of the trial of Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini, the former financial director of FIFA Markus Kattner contradicted in his testimony the statements of the former federal prosecutor Olivier Thormann. In the process, Michel Platini filed a complaint against the latter.

The central question posed to Markus Kattner was whether he had drawn the attention of the Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) to the suspicious payment of 2 million francs to the former president of UEFA Michel Platini. Markus Kattner told the court that he remembered the payment in question, but that he had not specifically drawn the attention of the MPC to this point.

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The former FIFA chief financial officer added before the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona that he was “convinced of the legitimacy of the payment”. He thus contradicts the former Attorney General of the Confederation and current federal criminal judge Olivier Thormann.

In a deposition, the report of which was transmitted to the court, the latter had recorded that Markus Kattner had given the MPC a glimpse of additional information concerning a payment of two million. On Tuesday, Markus Kattner told the court he had no reason to bring up specific payments.

Platini strikes back

After the hearing of Markus Kattner as a witness, the lawyer for the former number 10 of the France team Dominic Nellen filed a criminal complaint against Olivier Thormann for breach of official secrecy. According to the lawyer, Olivier Thormann spoke for more than an hour with journalists last week after his testimony. In addition, the testimony of Markus Kattner shows that Olivier Thormann lied, specifies the lawyer.

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The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter, 86, and ex-UEFA President Platini, 66, of fraud. The Valaisan would have approved a payment of two million for alleged consulting services of the Frenchman for FIFA between July 1998 and June 2002. The MPC sees no legal basis for this payment.

The two defendants dismissed the charges en bloc last week before the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona. The trial continues this week, at the rate of half-days because of the age and health of Sepp Blatter.

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