Ex-candidate of "Koh Lanta"he claims to have found a cure "against carcinogenic cells" : scandal throughout France!

The influencer business has seen better days! Since Booba swore to put an end to the “scams” of some of them, Internet users are much more critical of this. “Beyond having no talent, promoting the culture of emptiness, debility, and not paying their taxes in France, they fool citizens – especially teenagers – by selling them crap” , regretted the famous rapper in the columns of Release.

Countless reality TV candidates or agencies have – since – decided to clean up their partnerships… Others, on the contrary, seem to ignore the controversy! Like Dylan Thiry. As a reminder, the main interested party saw his notoriety explode by participating in Koh-Lanta in 2017. Subsequently, he toured in other shows! In particular, the Villa of broken hearts or even The princes and princesses of love.

“Unicity, they have something that heals…”

Recently, Ahmed Harroun’s sidekick hit the headlines because of a shocking video in which he threatens Aqababe: “Which video do you want me to put on you?” The one where you walk on all fours? The one where you are in the cellar? Or the one where you go around the world with your zguègue? Which one do you want? Oh no, maybe you want the one where they put the stick in your ass? Maybe I’ll post this one.” After the bad buzz, Dylan Thiry was talked about again: a new product placement had the merit of ulcerating the Web.

This time on Snapchat, the influencer praised the merits of capsules supposed to cure cancer… “I’m going to tell you something that’s crazy, I promise you I’m telling you the truth, it’s mind-blowing. Unicity, they have something that heals… The ‘cancer’ cells”, he said on the web. “It is not sold in France or in Europe because it is prohibited. They do not want ! It’s much more interesting for them that you go to the hospital and pay a blind […] Here in the UAE there is a shop where you can buy it”. A publication that caused a real outcry… Wanting to rectify the situation, the star therefore very quickly deleted it!


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