Ex-Bro’Sis star Indira Weis: freshly in love! "He saved me"

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Singer Indira Weis shows her new love +++ Iris Klein is blown away by her first date after the breakup +++ Tanja Szewczenko says goodbye to her father.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

March 19, 2023

Ex-Bro’Sis star Indira Weis: freshly in love! “He saved me”

For a long time she kept a secret about the man in her life. Now ex-Bro’Sis star Indira Weis, 43, speaks for the first time about her partner Andreas, 51, a traffic rights lawyer. “This is my husband,” she assures “Bild” and immediately reports where she met her loved one: “We are both Darmstadt fans, we met at the club’s annual reception. Then Andreas wrote to me on Instagram. Like that let’s go.” So the common passion for football brought them together. Two weeks ago she showed her heart people for the first time on her Instagram channel. The two lovebirds had just enjoyed an apparently successful evening recording the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

Indira is in seventh heaven and can hardly believe her luck. She went through a lot in her last partnership. In 2020 she not only had to cope with a miscarriage, but also with her ex’s infidelity: “He cheated on me several times,” she says. Everything was revealed when the affairs contacted her via the internet. Andreas helped her out of the crisis: “He saved me. I know that today.” With him, she now looks confidently into the future again: “We want a child. It would be our dream and a gift. We practice!”

March 18, 2023

Iris Klein in seventh heaven? This is how her first date after the marriage went

Iris Klein, 55, declares war on heartbreak. A few days ago, the ex-jungle camper announced that after more than 20 years in a relationship, she dared to date again. The past few weeks have not been a walk in the park for the Ludwigshafen resident. The separation from her allegedly unfaithful husband Peter Klein, 55, has affected her. Every day, her fans took part in her roller coaster of emotions on Instagram, experiencing the reality TV participant sometimes angry, sometimes sad and then full of confidence again. Now she is radiant: her appointment with a stranger on Friday evening seems to have activated the long-missed butterflies in her stomach again.

“He and I had a great date and are meeting up again for lunch right now,” Iris said excitedly in her story on Saturday. Oh! That must have been a hit! However, she did not land this in the dating app Tinder, as she assures. You know each other through mutual acquaintances. Her two daughters Daniela Katzenberger, 36, and Jenny Frankhauser, 30, have not yet had the pleasure. The two are said to have promptly latched onto the rendezvous via video calls. “So I ask myself, who is the mother and who is the child? It used to be the other way around,” laughs the mum, who walks on the heels of punters, playing outraged. But your cavalier apparently passed the test. “He looks really damn good,” Iris and her two girls think. “Great guy,” enthuses the 55-year-old, emphasizing: “A real man.” Well, if that ever comes to Peter’s ears.

March 17, 2023

Tanja Szewczenko weeps for her father

Tanja Szewczenko, 45, has to cope with a heavy loss: her father died. The former figure skater announced the sad news on Instagram. “I told you in today’s story that my father recently passed away. I got the news yesterday. I never thought about what it would be like when that day came. Yesterday it hit me emotionally in the heart [sic]”Wrote the 45-year-old to several children’s photos with her dad.

Then she reveals sad details about the relationship with her deceased father: “The last time I consciously saw him was on my 6th birthday. That was almost forty years ago. I was the classic child of divorce and I came to terms with it or had to come to terms with it. I have no words for a lot of my thoughts right now, but I feel the need to share. And I want to say goodbye. Take care dad.”

In her Instagram story, Tanja also tearfully talks about her relationship with her late father and admits: “Sometimes I thought about what he was doing. How is he? How is his life? Is he proud of me? ” Although she hadn’t seen her dad for almost 40 years, his death “hit her emotionally right in the heart” and “threw her off track”.

March 16, 2023

Daniela Katzenberger’s clear reaction to Mama Iris’ love life

Recently, Iris Klein, 55, excitedly announced to her followers that she was on her first date after separating from husband Peter Klein, 55. This will take place on Friday, March 17th. What does her daughter Daniela Katzenberger, 36, think of it? This is expressed quite clearly in social media. In her Instagram story, the reality TV actress first emphasizes that it takes some getting used to knowing her mother is back on the “dating market” after 20 years. She even encouraged Iris to do this by saying to her: “Mom, there are two options for you now: either you lose yourself completely in your grief and never get out of your crying hole, or you look ahead and move on .”

Iris Klein obviously opted for the second option. Daniela also says a few words about the man her mother has now met. “He looks really good in photos,” says the 36-year-old, adding: “I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen. The last three months have been really shitty for her. […] But she looks ahead and I think that’s great.”

Pietro Lombardi spends more time with his son

In 2015, Alessio Lombardi, 7, saw the light of day and made Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels, both 30, proud parents. Although the couple separated in 2016 and officially divorced three years later, the two take care of their son together. But in the meantime, the rule that the seven-year-old is “only” with his father on the weekends seems to have changed, as attentive fans of the singer have noticed. “Why is Alessio with you? It’s not the weekend,” asks a user during an Instagram question and answer session and promptly gets an answer from Pietro.

“Actually, there were always fixed days, but Alessio is now at an age where he talks a lot and it was his wish that he would like to be with Dad and Laura more often [sic]”, says the 30-year-old. He also emphasizes: “My son is everything for me, of course, it’s a change with the little homework to do and more to live everyday life, but we’ve always had clear rules at home, that’s why it is not a big change for Alessio. [sic]”His son is “a great boy”, but also a “little stubborn” – like his father. “I notice how much he likes being with his dad and that touches me as a dad. This shows me that I did a lot of things right. [sic]”

March 15, 2023

Iris Klein is dating again

Iris Klein, 55, is very excited – “like a little child!”. On Instagram, the mother of reality star Daniela Katzenberger, 36, reveals to her followers that a new man will come into her life very soon. “I have a date on Friday. The first date with another man. And I’m excited. Oh my God!” Klein says happily. She looks ahead, even if the drama about her husband Peter Klein, 55, continues to occupy her a lot. She doesn’t want to tell who the lucky one is.

Most recently, Iris Klein had to defend herself against allegations of nude photos. Peter’s alleged affair, actress Yvonne Woelke, 41, had claimed “Bild” that Iris should have sent her voice messages and nude photos of Peter. “That’s a lie,” Klein said. No wonder she can’t resist a little dig at Peter. Iris says: “I was faithful for 20 years, was a faithful wife and now I’m dating again and it starts on Friday.”

Iris Klein on nude photo allegations: “That’s a lie”

The War of the Roses between Peter, 55, and Iris Klein, 55, is entering the next round. Most recently, actress Yvonne Woelke, 41, confirmed to “Bild” that Iris had sent her voice messages and nude photos of Peter and claimed to have just had sex with her ex. He, in turn, explained the situation as follows: “I was doing sports that day and then went into the shower. Suddenly, without prior notice, the bathroom door opened and Iris stood in the room.” She wanted to tell him that according to the lawyers, the divorce would be over in three months. When leaving the bathroom, she “suddenly stopped in the door” and took a photo with her cell phone. “I confronted her straight away, but she said she didn’t take a picture.”

Now Iris is justifying herself for the alleged nude photos she is said to have taken of her estranged husband. “I have never and will never send any naked photos of myself or anyone else… That’s a lie,” she clarifies with a raised finger in her Instagram story, adding: “It was a towel.”

Ralf Schumacher mourns the loss of his dog Jessi

Ralf Schumacher, 47, shows up again and again with his fluffy companions on his Instagram account. But now the former racing driver announces sad news: his beloved dog Jessi has died. For a black and white photo of the Maltese dog he writes: “Rest in peace my darling [sic].” It was only in November last year that the TV expert from Sky Germany posted a photo of himself and Jessi. “The young lady will be 21 in March. Unbelievable,” he revealed. It is not known whether the four-legged friend lived to see this birthday.

His fans express their condolences in the comments column. His ex-wife Cora Schumacher, 46, also leaves sad smileys and shares several pictures of the little ones in her Instagram story. “Our Old Lady Jessi left us yesterday, rest in peace, you pure soul,” reads there. Their son David, 21, also says goodbye to the family dog ​​with a cute clip. “Rest in peace, my little one, I wish you all the best up there,” he writes.

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