Ex-BBB Laís reacts to speculations involving dating with Gustavo: ‘Each one in his corner’

Laís Caldas will move to São Paulo soon. The former BBB – who currently lives in Crixás, in Goiânia – said that she intends to live alone for now. With the search for apartments, the doctor was asked by followers if she would face a life together with Gustavo Marsengowith whom he made his relationship official on Mother’s Day.

“A lot of people asking me that here, so I’ll answer soon. No. Gustavo and I are not going to live together, it’s going to be each in their own corner. I think it’s important to go through each phase everything right. clarified.

Laís and Gustavo started a romance inside the “BBB 22”. Outside the reality show, Laís prepared a surprise for Gustavo in a hotel room and enjoyed Carnival with her Bachelor of Laws in a cabin in Sapucaí.

Laís Caldas comments on her relationship with Gustavo

In her first interview, Laís Caldas opened up about her intention to maintain her relationship with Gustavo Marsengo.

“Gustavo is a wonderful person. He arrived in a way and then his heart softened and he enchanted me a lot. He is already the type of person that attracts me; I would have related to him regardless of the game”, stated.

Laís showed confidence in her relationship with the Curitiba native. “We were together a lot now, before I left. And yes, I’m liking him; I think he likes me too,” she assessed.

“He showed this a lot and, before I left, he said that we would be together out here, he was programming some things for after the BBB. We will probably stay together. Let’s see what he thinks, it’s not just up to me (laughs) ). As for me, we will continue, yes; that’s what we were planning inside”.

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