Ex-BBB Jessi Alves reveals inspiration in Iza and talks about fame: “I’m going to make R$ 1.5 million out here”

One of the outstanding players in the BBB 22, Jessilane Alves He said that his life has completely changed after participating in the reality show on TV Globo and that he intends to “make R$ 1.5 million” [valor do prêmio pago pela atração ao vencedor] with a lot of work out here.

“I was really upset about leaving. But anyway, now I’m going to make this R$ 1.5 million out here, working as I always have in my life”, she told Quem.

The teacher explained that her love life has also changed a lot after her participation in the program and that flirting is now “much more difficult”.

“It sucks (laughs). Before it was already difficult, now it has completely decreased. I already entered the house with this ‘problem’, I stayed for three months and I didn’t catch anyone. But I wasn’t picking anyone up long before I entered the house,” she said.

Jessi added: “I think it was deliverance [não ficar com ninguém na casa] (laughs), but out here, nothing has changed either. I think it’s gotten worse now because I’m famous, people are a bit like ‘Jessi won’t want to be with me’. Sometimes I’m available here, but the person doesn’t arrive [junto]. I don’t say anything, so I’m building,” she added.

With an eye on the future, she said that she is inspired by the singer Iza to build a career on the networks:

“This was one of the questions during the selection process for the BBB, I was asked about it. I put IZA first. A wonderful black woman, who has an incredible body, but who doesn’t use that as a reason to be in that place, because it’s very common to associate the black woman’s body with a sexual issue. For me the top 1, one of the women I admire in this place is IZA. I’m in love, I think she’s amazing, wonderful. When she went there at BBB, I was very emotional, I never imagined being so close to a person I admired so much”, she added.

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