Ex-BBB Jade Picon meets Paulo André and enjoys clubbing with athlete, Laís and Gustavo. See reaction from the web!

After exchanging a kiss at BBB on the 101st, Jade Picon and Paulo Andre met on a night out at the Galleria Bar, in São Paulo, and appeared close together in a photo published by Laís Caldas on Instagram in the early hours of this Thursday (12).

In the image, the influencer and the athlete are sitting side by side, with the doctor and Gustavo Marsengo at the ends, in a cabin. “Did I lose Gustavo or did I gain Jade Picon? I love – 10 Paulo André”, joked Laís in the publication’s caption.

On the internet, fans of Jade Picon and Paulo André were excited about the possibility of the two getting back into a relationship.

“Laís delivered everything! #jadre won too much”, said one. “So happy to see #Lagusta and #Jadre together! Love it,” said another. “And this meeting of millions,” reacted a third. “Guys, did I wake up in paradise?”, asked a user. “We hope a lot to have a clear picture of the two. No rush,” added another.

Jade and Paulo André had an affair while they were confined to “BBB 22”. Laís and Gustavo took up dating outside the house last Sunday (9), during Mother’s Day celebration.

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