Ex-BBB Jade Picon is at risk of having her debut as an actress barred. Find out why!

Even without confirmation that Jade Picon’s participation in TV Globo’s next nine o’clock soap opera is real, the news that the former BBB would be one of the main characters in “Travessia”, written by Gloria Perez, did not please the Union of Artists from Rio de Janeiro (SATEDRJ), who spoke out on the matter after the rumors intensified.

“I don’t think it’s fair for her to take a space on any television station and we’re going to take the appropriate measures so that doesn’t happen. And the category will support us”, said Hugo Gross, president of the union, in an interview with “Em OFF” .

Jade Picon has no training and experience as an actress and therefore would not have a professional record to act. If TV Globo does not follow all the necessary procedures to have the influencer’s presence in the soap opera, SATED will act to stop the businesswoman from participating in the plot, which will air shortly after the end of “Pantanal”.

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Actress criticizes casting of Jade Picon for soap opera

Anna Rita Cerqueira also went to social networks and was revolted by the possibility of seeing Jade Picon acting in “Travessia”. On social media, Flaviana’s interpreter in “Malhação” (2014) shared a headline about Jade’s possible participation in Globo’s plot.

She also highlighted an interview in which the influencer claims to have “a desire to venture into the theater”. “To venture into the theater (laughs). In my time, that meant years of study, leafleting to fill the theater and still receiving for the weekend what didn’t pay for going to or coming back to the theater”, she commented.

In another passage, Anna Rita continued mocking the situation: “No comments. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and become a doctor or, who knows, a lawyer.

Details of Jade Picon’s character in the novel ‘Travessia’

Respected in the Brazilian advertising market, Jade Picon will be one of the protagonists of “Travessia”, a soap opera that is scheduled to premiere on October 10th. In the plot, which will talk about the influence of technology on human behavior, she will give life to Chiara, a digital influencer who will be a victim of fake news. The character will get involved with Ari (Chay Suede), the big villain of the serial.

Currently, Jade Picon has more than 20 million followers on Instagram profile and talks about fashion, beauty, music, travel and other subjects.

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