Ex-BBB Flay poses half-naked and receives praise on the web: "Perfect"

The ex-BBB Flay provoked his followers this Thursday afternoon (04/08) by publishing, on his Instagram account, a series of sensual photos where he appears half-naked.

“She talked about me until yesterday, today she begs my yes”, wrote the singer in the caption of the post, where she appears in a photo shoot wearing minimal clothes. The images stirred fans who follow her posts on the social network.

There was no lack of praise: “Perfect”, said one of them. “A knockout, no words,” commented another. “What a woman,” said another. Flay’s friends also demonstrated, with Larissa Tomasia and Pablo Vittarfor example, using emojis to praise her.

Disagreement with Deolane

During an interview for the “PocCast“, presented by Lucas Guedez and Álvaro Xarothe lawyer and digital influencer Deolane Bezerra, recalled the episode where he had a disagreement with the ex-BBB Flay. the widow of MC Kevin commented that met Flay at an event but the two didn’t get along very well.

“I thought she looked at me with an ugly face”, declared the lawyer, who also commented that the singer and former BBB did not like being called a “digital influencer” at the time.

“We were making a presence in a store in Fortaleza. Me, her, Carlinhos Maia, a lot of people. Then, someone called her an ‘influencer’. Then, she on my side said: “I’m not an influencer, I I’m a singer’. I thought she was trying to make out with us. I was quiet, I was silent and I stayed”, added Deolane.

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