Ex-BBB Flay counters a follower and exposes prejudice because of his accent. Understand!

This Thursday (4), the ex-BBB Flay countered a comment made by a netizen on social media. The singer, who is against the “beauty chip”, did not mince words when answering a comment that suggested Flay “forced” a way of speaking. Afterwards, the singer made a video venting the prejudice related to her accent, as well as other people from the Northeast.

“Why are you all hot, but your voice, your way of talking is boring Or do you force yourself to talk like that?”, asked an unidentified follower.

I’ll explain, because I’m used to going through this out of my state. I’m from the northeast and my accent and ‘way of speaking’ bother you. The mistake is in you, not in me”, countered the ex-BBB, who has a list of ex-participants producing adult content.

Flay comments on prejudice with an accent and regionalism

A friend of Bil Araújo and Larissa Tomásia, Flay vented: “Since I was little, when I left my state, I used to listen to this kind of shit around. This is what makes prejudice often veiled. ‘Oh, but your way of talking is irritating, it’s boring’. We are like that, Northeastern people are like that, we gesture a lot to talk, express ourselves a lot, like to speak loudly, to play. It’s like that. a trip inside Brazil always hears this kind of crap”.

“The way of speaking is part of our customs, our habits, our culture, our region, and that’s it. Didn’t like it, I can’t do anything. I’m not going to shape myself to please anyone“, the rant continued.

“Then when I sing, there are those who say: ‘Wow, but your voice is so much more beautiful singing than talking.’ Then I already know what it is. It’s just for you to know what it is, because in me it’s been connected for a long time. People practically say, ‘Don’t even talk, just sing. Not because of the voice, but because singing is not so evident the accent, the way of speaking'”, he added.

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