Ex-BBB Daniel Lenhardt makes a statement to his boyfriend: "Live and learn from each other"

During this Monday (13/06), the ex-BBB and model Daniel Lenhardt used his Instagram profile to pay tribute to Marcus Lobo, your boyfriend. He shared a video on the social network where the two appear dancing to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.

Daniel commented on the moment he recorded the video shortly after through his Twitter. “The video we posted yesterday on Instagram is the best video ever! The connection I have with this guy is out of this world!”, began the influencer.

The model took over the relationship with Marcus in March of this year by sharing some clicks with the beloved on a trip. Currently, the couple lives in Mexico City, where Daniel also invests in his career as a model.

In May, Daniel Lenhardt vented when talking about prejudice and biphobic comments he received. To “GQ Brasil”, Daniel recalled his relationship with Marcela Mc Gowanalso former BBB, in 2020: “Before, when I was with Marcela, I only wanted cookies (according to the public). I received a lot of messages, especially from the LGBT community”.

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