Ex-BBB Arthur Picoli receives extraordinary fee to record with Galvão Bueno

The ex-BBB Arthur Picoli still reaps the rewards of its participation in the program that won the most sponsorship in TV history. O influencer was summoned to record an advertising campaign alongside Galvão Bueno, a veteran who participated in his last World Cup, and did not earn cheaply. According to information from columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, even after two years of Picoli’s participation on the “BBB”, the influencer has nothing to complain about when it comes to cache.

Hired by Brahma, Arthur Picoli earned a fee of R$ 500 thousand to do a commercial next to Galvão Bueno🇧🇷 The action will be broadcast during the 2022 World Cup, which takes place in Qatar and has numerous bans.

Another piece of information found by Leo Dias is that Arthur Picoli goes to Qatar with everything paid for by Brahma to watch the brazilian national team gameswhich made its debut this Thursday (24) with an incredible performance by Richarlison.

After “BBB21”, Arthur Picoli is one of the former participants who earn the most, even made a wrong pix with absurd value after drinking too much. It has partnerships with PagBank, PagSeguro, Bozzano and Tim.

Arthur Picoli explains reason for denying proposal to produce content

In an interview with Gshow, Arthur Picolo told the reason to turn down a proposal of R$ 500 thousand for produce adult content🇧🇷 The ex-BBB said he feels ashamed, unlike an ex-Blind Wedding who entered the world of Onlyfans.

🇧🇷On the ‘BBB’ everyone saw me, but I’m ashamed of the exposure🇧🇷 I do not know how to explain. I think it’s absolutely right who does and is earning money, but I’m ashamed. I don’t think it would work, so I wouldn’t make money from it’ said Arthur.

🇧🇷I worked as a modelparade, but I want things within journalism, physical education, learn other sports. I want to learn another language, I’m starting English classes. Had a proposal to actbut I can’t speak yet“, he completed.

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