Ex-BBB André Martinelli talks about his entrepreneurial side and reveals that he is planning new businesses

André Martinelli, ex-“BBB” and former participant of the “On the edge”, he says that he has always had entrepreneurship in his vein, since he was studying administration, before participating in the first reality show.

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“When I joined the BBB, I was finishing my Administration course, and I had a nutrition product store in Vitória – ES. I was already starting to be an entrepreneur, that’s when I saw the opportunity to do this in my own career, after the program. It was super cool, because I was able to focus part of the work on an area that I like, which is sports”, he says.

The entrepreneur reveals that in addition to a nutrition product store, he has also had business in other areas. He also talks about plans for new ventures.

“I used to have a store of products for nutrition and food, but I also had a producer, and now I’ve started investing in a new business. I want to be able to bring health and quality of life to people, this is my purpose. And this new venture will enable me to do that, in addition, of course, to having the ability to expand it to more places”, he explains.

André says that it is possible to reconcile different professional roles in his life, and he organizes his career as a model, influencer and entrepreneur very well.

“I balance my functions well, because I end up working with the three of them in a way that I like, which is quality of life. Even though I have to pay more attention to my project, I end up developing work as an influencer on it. Today I see that everything is well connected”, he concludes.

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