ex-"Bachelor" Niko Griesert: love comeback with Michèle de Roos?

ex-“Bachelor” Nico Griesert
Love comeback with Michèle de Roos?

Niko Griesert and Michele de Roos

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The TV news in the GALA ticker: Are ex”Bachelor” Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos a couple again? +++ “Marriage at first sight”: Expert Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer says on TV “Yes” +++ “Bet that..?”: Thomas Gottschalk makes an embarrassing name mistake.

TV news 2022 in the GALA ticker

November 22, 2022

Are Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos getting closer again?

“Bachelor”-Fans may look forward to a love comeback. Three attempts have ex-“Bachelor” Niko Griesert, 32, and finalist Michèle de Roos, 29, already behind – maybe it will work on the fourth attempt? Fans have noticed that the ex-couple is becoming suspiciously close again. The 29-year-old can be seen in Niko’s latest TikTok videos. A sequence shows her in a hoodie on Niko’s couch. There they both spent a cozy TV evening. Is something going on again?

“Nothing has changed in my relationship status. We’re kind of in a new discovery phase. Everything else will show time”, explains the real estate specialist when asked about RTL. The Rosenkavalier previously emphasized that both are still together “understand very well” would. Already in October, Michèle couldn’t help but smile broadly. In the RTL interview, she revealed embarrassed: “We’ll see where it leads.” Maybe the dome show participants will find each other again just in time for the festival of love…

“marriage at first sight”: Expert Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer says on TV “Yes”

It has that “Marriage at first sight” never given: Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer is actually part of the team of experts and, together with Markus Ernst and Beate Quinn, analyzes in advance which potential partners fit together and only get to know each other when they say yes in front of the altar. But suddenly the psychotherapist herself was the focus of the show.

Viewers already know, as Sandra’s partner Ryan was previously shown getting ready, choosing a suit and raving about the love of his life. For Sandra Köhldorfer, the other experts and the couples, however, it is a real surprise. At the end of the finale, the time has come: Ryan gets out of a car and approaches Sandra, who, surprised, puts her hands over her face. The couples, who are witnessing everything first-hand, watch intently as Ryan, who is American, pulls out a ring and gives a short speech in English: “You’ve worked so hard to help people find love, but you haven’t proposed yet. You are amazing, beautiful and my best friend”he says and then asks in German: “Will you marry me?” Sandra beams and says of course “Yes”. A moment that makes the end of the ninth season very special.

November 21, 2022

“Bet that..?”: Thomas Gottschalk makes an embarrassing name mistake

Opinions on the past “Bet that..?”-Broadcast fall apart violently. Some felt well entertained, others judged that the cult show had been disappointing and had lost quality. But one thing is a fact: Thomas Gottschalk, 72, messed up again.

The entertainer caused a stir last year because he had difficulty remembering the name of actress Svenja Jung, 29. And in this year’s show, too, he has a problem with his first names.

When Gottschalk has the two national soccer players Giulia Gwinn, 23, and Alexandra Popp, 31, as guests on his couch, his ignorance is clearly noticeable. He believes the two are the same age, although they are eight years apart. Some viewers find it even worse that Thomas Gottschalk Giulia with “Giuliana” appeals. The professional athlete reacts to the naming mistake as if nothing had happened. But the Twitter users were annoyed that the moderator had no respect, was uninformed and embarrassing.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”-Star Antonia Hemmer reveals separation details

A few days after that “Farmer is looking for a wife”Couple Patrick Romer, 26, and Antonia Hemmer, 22, who announced the separation, the reasons for the love are slowly becoming apparent. In a first joint statement, the two only wrote about “ups and downs” and the public pressure that the relationship couldn’t withstand. In a video, Antonia then spoke of that “many things happened” be it “made it almost impossible to continue in a relationship”. Now a fan asked again on Instagram how the separation came about. Antonia’s answer is also rather general here: “We both found that the relationship just changed. It wasn’t an overnight decision to separate, we had a lot of conversations. And in the end, I’m glad there’s no bad blood between us.”

Even if Antonia and Patrick don’t reveal any details about the separation, everything is gradually coming together. You could already tell that there were serious problems in the relationship “The summer house of the stars” see. Antonia defended her Patrick at the beginning, but now she realizes that too much has happened.

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