Ex-"Bachelor" Dominik Stuckmann + Anna Rossow: Ex"Bachelor" Dominik Stuckmann and Anna Rossow about their everyday life as a couple

24 women fought for the heart of 2022 “Bachelor” Dominik Stuckman. Anna Rossow won it. The two are still a couple a year later. GALA they reveal their love secret and give insights into their future together.

While the new “Bachelor”David Jackson, 32, already raring to go, is enjoying the (still) reigning “Bachelor” Dominik Stuckmann, 31, his happiness in love with his chosen one. Anna Rossow, 34, won the race in 2022 in the fight for the heart of the entrepreneur. Today, about a year after the grand finale, the two have moved into a new apartment together in Frankfurt and are happy when everyday life returns. The TV dream couple talks to GALA about the exciting time that lies behind them and about wedding and children’s plans.

GALA: How has your life changed since “The Bachelor”?

Anna: My life has changed completely. From a 9-5 job in a government agency to self-employed. It is incredibly diverse, varied, exciting.

Dominik: You can’t really put it into words or realize it yet because so much is happening. You come from such a format and suddenly everyone knows you. It has many beautiful sides, but of course this public pressure is still there. And especially this thought: “Now I’m not the current bachelor, not so much the focus!” You have to come to terms with that first.

Anna: I tease him about it a bit. (laughs)

Dominik: I’ve had a super exciting year. That certainly wasn’t the end of the road when it came to TV appearances, there are a lot of things planned for this year. But of course I’m all the happier that there’s a new ‘Bachelor’ who also has his chance to find love. Let’s see what he makes of it.

Why do so few people hold up? “Bachelor”- and “bachelorette”-Relationships?

Dominik: We’re next to that “bachelorette” Sharon and her Jan the only one “Bachelor”-Couple still together.

Anna: I think a lot of people don’t even make it through this initial phase, because of course you have to bridge a few weeks until the end of the broadcast and you have to hide. Maybe one or the other is there for another reason. It’s just a bubble and then you arrive in reality. We both went on this trip relatively relaxed. I think that has benefited us.

Dominik Stuckmann and Anna Rossow

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And what is your love secret?

Anna: We were both already in the middle of life. If you’re perhaps in your early 20s and haven’t found your place yet, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed. We quickly got involved with each other, I was aware that it meant a move.

Dominik: In this whole cosmos you can quickly get a flight of fancy. It’s important to keep your values, to stay true to yourself, to keep your feet on the ground. When people on the street want a photo of us, we sometimes think: ‘We’re actually completely normal people, we’re not different from everyone else.’ We fight about the same things, whether it’s putting away the panties or the socks or the trash. This down-to-earthness is somewhere a key to the success of a relationship.

What are your arguments, apart from the left underpants?

Anna: I think that’s the classic. It always bangs again. I’m very neat, very structured.

Dominik: And I’m more the type who does a lot of things on demand and with whom a lot of things fall over backwards. That’s where we clash. It is the first time that partnership and business are connected with us. We work, live and are together 24/7.

What do you say about celebrity breakups in public, such as with Peter and Iris Klein?

Dominik: If we were arguing, it would never occur to me to pull out the phone and share it with my followers. For me, the topics of arguments, emotions, ups and downs that every relationship has somewhere do not belong in public.

Anna: I think we share relatively little of that. Instead, we protect our relationship.

Are other reality formats suitable for you, for example “Summer house of the stars”?

Dominik: Never say Never. ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Jungle’, those are also things I would do.

Dominik, what advice would you give your successor?

Dominik: Definitely be authentic. Be true to yourself, don’t worry too much about what other people think of you, as long as you can represent what you do and stand behind it. You can’t please everyone.

Anna: I thought you said ‘take the right one’ (laughs)

Dominik: That’s right, the women always said to me when they were kicked out one after the other: ‘Dominik, choose the right one!’ And I’m like, ‘Thanks, I can really do something with that tip.’ So, for the new one: Please choose the right one.

Anna, what would you advise the candidates?

Anna: If you’re sitting in the villa for two weeks and don’t have a date, it’s not that easy, of course. Just enjoy the time you have there. If you notice that the guy is nothing, then that’s just the way it is, it can’t suit everyone.

Dominik: That would be crazy too. There is one type for women, there isn’t much choice, either it fits or it doesn’t, and you don’t have to force anything. Well, in that case, Anna, at some point you jumped over your shadow. She was very introverted and it was high time that she opened up to me after a certain point. Otherwise it probably wouldn’t have happened the way it did.

What does the future hold for you, marriage, children?

Dominik: We are happy and look to the future with confidence. And maybe someday soon there will be offspring. We are also at an age where we can both imagine having offspring and maybe in the near future. Maybe this year I’ll get on my knees too. Who knows. (laughs)


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