Everything you need to know about Hawkeye before its premiere on Disney +

There is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe going through one of its best moments. And it is that after a year paused by the coronavirus pandemic, the company of Kevin Feige premiered a few series in Disney+ and returned to theaters with his acclaimed superhero movies. The November 24 it will be the turn of Hawkeye, the fiction starring Jeremy Renner. These are the essential facts that you should know before its launch!

Although it is one of the first Avengers, still unknown part of the life of Cint Barton, whom we also name as Hawkeye. In this sense, the series will function as an opportunity to develop a little more about this character: set in New York after the blipWe will see him in a very simple mission that consists of returning to his family for Christmas. But an enemy from the past appears as the main threat.

In this way, a character played by Hailee Steinfeld will have its presentation in the Marvel production. Is that the actress will give life Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old goalkeeper who is Barton’s biggest fan and who will help him by working together so he can get home on time. In this sense, executive producer Trinh Tran explained: “There are still a lot of things about Hawkeye that we haven’t explored. The series allows us to show a new side of Clint Barton“.

Three directors will be in command of Hawkeye on Disney +: Bert, Rhys Thomas y Bertie. After being responsible for three of the episodes, the first one said: “He suffered a great loss, both in the blip and when he lost natasha. That set up a very interesting emotional starting point. Clint would have to give up his past to let in someone new. So the depth we were able to draw into his character was a beautiful challenge, and in the hands of a multi-talented actor like Jeremy, we knew fans would not be disappointed.”.

Based on the comic series written by Matt Fraction Between 2012 and 2015, the Disney + series will involve a few characters. The appearance of Kate Bishop will be fundamental. This is how Bert, its director, told it: “She is full of rookie energy; She is fighter and strong-willed, with a deep desire to demonstrate her full potential. Theirs is a refreshing confidence that we can’t always explore in female characters. She has incredible skills with a bow and arrow and we love that she knows how good she is. Fortunately, Kate is Clint’s comedy contrast, and that makes her infinitely lovable”. But that’s not all because Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon y Alaqua Cox They will also make up the cast.

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