"Everything is subject to fantasies"Maxim Nucci, Jenifer’s ex more cash than ever on his special relationship with Johnny Hallyday!

He returns with a third album, under the name of Yodelice, after having written for Johnny Hallyday for 7 years, and produced the last two albums by Taulier, “Stay alive” and “My country is love“. In the columns of Le Parisien, this November 22, the one who has preferred to remain discreet since the death of his close friend, explained why he feared that he would be asked questions about their friendship…

With Johnny, everything is subject to fantasies, to controversies

To our colleagues, he assures:With Johnny, everything is subject to fantasies, to controversies, and I don’t want to be in there, specifies the 43-year-old musician. I want to keep these memories to myself and not fall into what often resembles voyeurism“.

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He who collaborated with the idol of young people, and who was even one of those who played at his funeral, in the Church of the Madeleine, remembers: “I realize the luck and the extraordinary adventure that I have experienced. It’s a funny story of friendship with a big age difference, great benevolence and a common passion”.

“Thanks to Johnny, I was able to…”

From the rocker, the ex of Jenifer keeps beautiful memories, on the intimate level, but he also keeps new skills on the professional level. Thus, Maxim Nucci reveals that Johnny Hallyday brought him “the emergency”. And to explain about their trips to the studio, always in the presence of Laeticia Hallyday (who was artistic director at the time): “We didn’t rehearse a lot before recording but when he arrived in front of the microphone, he gave everything. Thanks to Johnny, I was also able to collaborate with musicians and producers that I admired“.

A period of creative plenitude which he had a hard time mourning – evidenced by his tears at Johnny’s funeral, but also and above all the number of years he took to bring out an album in his own name.


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