Everything is closed, Pochettino is fired with a huge envelope

Mauricio Pochettino is living his last days with the title of coach of Paris SG. The agreement was reached between the representatives of the Argentine coach and the Parisian leaders to terminate his contract.

It is therefore now only a question of timing to formalize the end of the collaboration. According to Le Parisien, the announcement terminating his contract will be announced on Wednesday or Thursday. It was Nasser Al-Khelaïfi who led the procedure even if the negotiations were not very difficult. Indeed, if PSG wants to be able to appoint its future coach when the file is over, it needed a free position and therefore to pay the last year of Mauricio Pochettino’s contract. Anyway, if the file of the future coach does not necessarily make everyone agree in Paris, the departure of Pochettino was unanimous.

15 to 20 ME in the pocket

Even Leonardo, before his departure, was working on the end of the Argentinian contract, which was not called into question by the arrival of Luis Campos. Everything therefore fell apart on March 9, when PSG suffered the law of Real Madrid in the Champions League, despite two games almost completely dominated. For this famous last year of contract, this extension which he obtained in the summer of 2021 without even having asked for it, the champion of France will drop 15 to 20 ME, with the payment of his assistants included. A new big expense for Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, who has definitely always had trouble managing his coaches at the end of their contract. In the meantime, PSG will soon be free to have a new coach, even if on this subject, on the other hand, the very real suspense.

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