‘Everything Everywhere at Once’, ‘The Downfall’, ‘Triangle of Sadness’ and more on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the fastest growing streaming platform on the market. According to analysts, it is the only one that has a great chance of surpassing the number of subscribers of the champion and pioneer of the segment, Netflix. They are the ones who truly command the audiovisual market today – with many of their films becoming more popular among the new generations than the productions released in movie theaters. It is true that the pandemic almost brought the limelight to the theater market, but little by little it has been recovering. Netflix and Amazon are the pioneers in the streaming platform segment and precisely because of that they are the most popular. However, the exclusive content of competitors like Disney + and HBO Max put them in the running, winning the preference of part of the public.

As such, Amazon Prime Video has the clout to buy some of the biggest and latest blockbusters in cinema and release them exclusively and in a brand new way on its platform first. Today’s article talks about exactly that. Here we will bring some productions that arrive in an unprecedented and exclusive way on Amazon Prime Video, having previously been shown only in theaters. Check out.

Amazon Prime Video takes the lead, and guaranteed the launch of what was one of the biggest critical hits of last year. Taking into account the size of the production and its budget (considered a small film by Hollywood standards), ‘All in Every Place at the Same Time’ became one of the most successful features of 2022. After Amazon released the work in its platform, the film went on to become the big Oscar winner of the last edition – taking home the main award of the year, and another 6, including best directors, best actress, original screenplay, supporting actor and actress. Its plot, however, is perhaps not recommended for all tastes, as it is necessary to have the minimum taste for genre cinema, that is, science fiction, fantasy and action. In addition to being open to concepts such as the multiverse. If you’re expecting a more traditional movie, this isn’t it. However, it was his boldness and his outside-the-box mentality that guaranteed him the spot as one of the most original and different (and why not, insane) features of recent years.

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This is another highly publicized film of the season that Amazon Prime Video released in its collection in the 45th of the second half, but luckily just in time for Oscar night. In fact, the film was still playing in theaters and the streaming company already made it available for fans to watch at home. As in the item above, it is necessary to warn that ‘Triângulo da Sadeza’ is not recommended for all tastes and all audiences, despite being quite different from the proposal of ‘Everything in Every Place at the Same Time’. We can say that younger people (including children and teenagers) may connect more with the item above, and this one is more recommended for an adult audience. Even so, one must have a taste for the so-called “art cinema”, or “European cult cinema”. If this is your thing, you’ll feel completely at home with the new work by Swedish director Ruben Östlund. The theme here, as in many recent productions, is class struggle. The film is divided into three parts. In the first, we see the relationship of a couple of models, where the woman earns more than the man. In the second part, we see the couple ending up on a cruise for the super rich after having won passage. And in the third part, a group finds itself lost on a desert island, needing to survive.

We’ve left the Oscar “head movies” behind and will now focus on merely having fun and entertainment. This is the proposal of ‘A Queda’, one of the most nervous features of recent years, whose proposal is already enough to make many people shiver, especially those who are afraid of heights. Not since the Academy Award-winning documentary ‘Free Solo’ (2018) has a movie caused so much jitters and vertigo. The difference is that in ‘Free Solo’ everything was very real and even more frightening. But ‘A Queda’ doesn’t owe anything in creating an equally unsettling atmosphere, and making its narrative so convincing that we forget that it is about effects and forged situations.

The plot shows two adventurous friends, used to challenging climbs, taking on a new challenge: climbing an abandoned metal tower over 600 meters high. At the top, an accident occurs and the rusty access ladder collapses, leaving the two up there for days, with no way to communicate and call for help. Great credit goes to director Scott Mann (no relation to veteran Michael Mann), who manages to transform a simple story with basically two characters (tour de force of young actresses Grace Caroline Curray – from the ‘Shazam’ franchise – and Virginia Gardner – from ‘Projeto Almanaque’ and ‘Halloween 2018’), in a film that manages to hold the viewer throughout the screening, relying above all on a well-structured script (written by himself), not at all repetitive and that still has some totally unpredictable twists in your plot.

Speaking of unpredictable films, no one could predict the success of this feature that seems to have been born to be cult. Well, the truth is that since it was announced as “the film in which Nicolas Cage would play Nicolas Cage”, a certain hype was created around the feature – which placed it in the right place, alongside the usual madness of the star. But the good madness. Yes, it could be the case that the hype doesn’t materialize if the public doesn’t buy the end result. But here he fully justified himself, becoming one of the greatest successes of Nicolas Cage’s career in his new phase. And we can say that it was the hype around ‘The Weight of the Talent’ that opened the door for Cage to play the vampire Dracula in the upcoming ‘Renfield’ and that may have led the Oscar-winning actor to make peace with success. To give you an idea, Nicolas Cage appeared on the main night talk shows in the US to promote ‘The Weight of Talent’, something he shouldn’t have done for at least a decade. Another draw is the presence of the always great Pedro Pascal, playing Javi, an inveterate fan of star Nicolas Cage, who invites him to an island for his birthday. The guy is a millionaire. The FBI suspects he is a dangerous drug dealer, and needs Cage to go undercover and report everything. Priceless.

This is an original Amazon Prime Video production, but contrary to what many might think, the comedy was shown in theaters in some countries around the world. In fact, the feature debuted in December 2022 in countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, Portugal, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Turkey, Vietnam and South Africa. In its country of origin, the USA, as well as in Brazil and other places in Europe, such as France, it arrived directly on the Amazon platform to be watched at home. This is the controversial film that would have Armie Hammer paired with the Latin muse Jennifer Lopez. It turns out that the actor had to leave the production after accusations began to emerge from several women about sexual abuse and even acts of cannibalism. Detail, Hammer was married. The actor’s career is over, and today he is in hiding working in a hotel. Thus, Hammer needed to be replaced by Josh Duhamel. In the plot, the dream wedding of a couple of lovebirds (played by Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel) on a paradise island becomes a nightmare when criminals arrive at the scene and decide to kidnap the guests. It’s up to the couple to escape and save the day, in a kind of play on the classic ‘Duro de Matar’. Rounding out the cast is Jennifer Coolidge (rediscovered in ‘White Lotus’).

Here we have a very curious case – and coincidentally another connection with ‘During Hard’. Have you heard of the Quibi streaming service? Yeah, many didn’t listen. It turns out that this direct competitor not only of other colossal platforms such as Netflix, Disney and HBO Max, also decided to face social media such as Youtube and TikTok with the proposal to offer programs of up to 10 minutes in length, to be consumed in situations where spectators have to wait, such as public transport and queues. The idea is innovative and it really wasn’t bad. However, as if the heavy competition from these giants in the aforementioned segment was not enough, the pandemic came… and it came as a fatal blow. The person responsible for Quibi was Jeffrey Katzenberg, a former Disney executive and one of the creators of Dreamworks – who received US$ 2 billion in investment for the new company.

The pandemic showed that people were now unable to leave their homes and had TVs at their disposal all day. Launched in April 2020, the company filed for bankruptcy six months later, becoming one of the most monumental failures of our times. And the worst part is that it had already attracted the attention of many Hollywood stars and stars. Some of Quibi’s shows were stitched together to become movies. This is the case with this ‘Hard to Act’, which plays with the title of ‘Hard to Die’ even in the original language, making a pun on the name of comedian Kevin Hart. In the plot, the comedian wants to become an action movie hero, and for that he needs to join a training with a tough guy, role of John Travolta. Some Quibi productions are available on Amazon as movies, like this one and ‘Dangerous Game’.

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