"Everything can fall apart very quickly" : Big uncertainty about the future of Hugo Manos in "TPMP"

If he’s not on the set Do not touch My TV at the start of the week, Hugo Manos made a remarkable arrival in the flagship talk show on the small screen.

During his passage through At Jordan’sthe 33-year-old influencer wanted to thank Cyril Hanouna for his welcome. “We get along well, he’s a caring person. For my first, he rolled out the red carpet for me. We talked a lot about me so it was super nice, it gave me confidence. The longer it lasts, the longer it’s fun. Laurent gives me fairly light debriefs, he knows the world of TV very well. He’s rather measured, he gives me some advice. I’m so afraid of being disappointed that every day I tell myself that it’s the last. Everything can fall apart very quickly so we’ll see where it takes me”he told Jordan De Luxe.

But before joining the show presented by Baba, the former godfather in the second season of the Holidays of the Angels in Greece had joined TPMP People, a program by Matthieu Delormeau, every Saturday. “I joined TPMP People thanks to Matthieu Delormeau and Guillaume Frisquet. We had met in the evening and we got on well. They thought that several things would correspond for the show: my character, my physique perhaps and the fact that I’m with Laurent. That’s why they trusted me”.

His meeting with Laurent Ruquier

During this same interview, Hugo Manos had spoken of his relationship with Laurent Ruquier. “We met through social media. In fact, he sent me a message on Instagram asking me for more information on the practice of electro-stimulation, since I have sports centers. We talked about it. I think he spotted the beast. It was a way to get in touch.”he explained about his love affair which lasts for five years. “We got along very well, we had a great time. There was a game of seduction very quickly (…) He offered me a somewhat funny dinner the next day. I took a taxi, I went to an address without really knowing where I was going, and I ended up at Line Renaud’s, with Jeanfi Janssens, Vincent Dedienne and other guests!”

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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