"Everyone wants to take its place" : Mathieu favored by the production? These details pointed out by Internet users

For several weeks now, Mathieu has been proudly sitting on the red armchair of “Everyone wants to take their place” on France 2. With a nice jackpot of more than 50,000 euros, this 39-year-old finance consultant is one of the twenty biggest participants in the game now presented by Laurence Boccolini. But despite his brilliant general knowledge and his broad, rather frank smile, the champion sometimes arouses the anger of certain faithful of the program. In question ? His few defeats negotiated with large sums of money accepted by the very happy challengers. Twice, the Nantes player had to skilfully give enough euros to keep his precious chair.

Something to make some Internet users backfire on Twitter: “Mathieu is really the worst “big champion” in the history of #TLMVPSP. He loses once a week, he gives away his entire kitty, 67 wins for €42,000, it’s ridiculous. And tell yourself that he’s still there for a looooooong moment, I’m not spoiling but… We’re going to stuff it!”, “The champion is a financial advisor and he’s wasting his money. Personally, I wouldn’t give him my account to manage!

And if these dissatisfied people charge Mathieu’s strategy, they also suspect the production of favoring him during the final face-to-face. In question ? Too easy questions would be asked of him in order to make him stay. “We’re going to have to stop the gift questions for the champion at Wish!! You have to stop taking us for hams !!”, “This little smile of the champion, seeming to say, chic they still want to keep me !!!!….!!!! is also unbearable !!!!… .!!!!!….!!!!”, “Boccolini has just had an orgasm… 26 points!!!!”, “No, but what is the level of this questionnaire, seriously? It’s still easy…“, lamented some Internet users on Twitter. Complaints that did not prevent Mathieu from winning a 79th victory and bringing his kitty to 54,200 euros.


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