"Everyone wants to take its place" : beaten, Mathieu squanders his money to remain champion, Internet users revolt!

For several weeks now, Mathieu has been proudly sitting on the red armchair of “Everyone wants to take their place” every lunchtime on France 2. the champion is one of the twenty greatest participants in the game now presented by Laurence Boccolini. But the kitty of the handsome brunette with a broad smile has been experiencing some serious upheavals in recent days. On July 11, the 30-year-old almost took the door after a somewhat failed final.

Faced with a certain Frédéric, Mathieu tripped over a questionnaire relating to beans when his opponent shone by answering questions about the Palmashow duo. With only 14 points against 18 for his challenger, the champion then found himself forced to offer a hell of a negotiation to keep his place as champion. And, to do this, the native of the Landes did not hesitate to squander part of his earnings. He indeed offered the sum of 6500 euros to Frederic, bringing the latter’s savings to 8300 euros with the points acquired during the final. A paying strategy since the latter accepted Mathieu’s offer, leaving him his place as champion for the upcoming show.

And yesterday, Sunday July 24, Mathieu again bit the dust. And again against a challenger answering to the first name of Frédéric. The latter achieved a nice score of 17 points by answering a questionnaire on British TV series. For his part, the champion completely missed the theme of the town of Chamonix. With only 8 points he offered the sum of 7,500 euros to his opponent who therefore left with 9,200 euros in his pocket.

Beaten but not defeated, Mathieu still clings to his chair. And that’s starting to annoy some people. “Mathieu is really the worst “big champion” in the history of #TLMVPSP. He loses once a week, he gives away his entire kitty, 67 wins for €42,000, it’s ridiculous. And tell yourself that he’s still there for a looooooong moment, I’m not spoiling but… We’re going to stuff it!”, “The champion is a financial advisor and he’s wasting his money. Personally, I wouldn’t give him my account to manage!”, “Express return also to call for the addition of a new rule: that of the maximum number of defeats because after a while…“, wrote some on Twitter.


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