"Everyone in the kitchen" : for his big comeback on M6, Cyril Lignac has a big surprise in store for viewers

During the first confinement, it was the program that took everyone by surprise by achieving dizzying audiences. With more than two million followers every night of the week on M6, Tous en cuisine was THE success of spring 2020. A program during which Cyril Lignac offers French people the opportunity to learn how to cook with what is left in the cupboards ! Accompanied by Jérôme Anthony, celebrities and anonymous people, the Aveyronnais prepares two recipes of his invention live each evening and gives his precious advice on how to reproduce them at home. A live broadcast that imposes certain adjustments. “I need to find the rhythmconfided the famous chef in the columns of Télé Magazine. The mechanics are complex because you have to do a lot of things at the same time: cooking, hosting the show, answering questions from Internet users, meeting deadlines. And live! It’s very exciting, even if there’s a lot of stress“.

If at the start, Cyril Lignac used his own stoves for the filming of the show, the production subsequently decided to relocate the show. During the start of the 2021 school year, the program was shot from the rooftops of Paris on the Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville, better known as BHV.“Initially, it was very simple but with the new lights and the various elements, it became more sophisticated. At one point, it’s my apartment, it’s not the studio at La Plaine Saint-Denis !It was no longer viable.”, entrusted the ex of Sophie Marceau to the Figaro in mid-July last year.

But for these new recipes to come, “Tous en cuisine” will change things again. Indeed, the program will be filmed in the heart of the capital, in a former butcher’s shop close to the legendary Saint-Honoré market square. With storefront, Cyril Lignac will have as prestigious guests Kamel Ouali, Alex Vizorek, Philippe Caverivière, Michel Leeb, Éric Antoine, Michèle Bernier and his son, the Knights of the Fiel or even Francis Huster.


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