Every time she returns from work, her boyfriend surprises her with a detail on the bed

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The magic is in the details and this boyfriend is very aware of that, who surprises his partner every time he comes home from work, in order to make him smile after a long workday. How? He uses a stuffed animal and appeals to his creativity to recreate funny scenes. Given this, the woman presented her case in the social networks and in a matter of hours viralized.

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As is known, there are millions of ways to surprise the love of your life and the ones that have the greatest impact on social networks are the most original. In this sense, a user, identified with Marina FernandezHe shared his story with his followers.

Everything makes it seem that Marina lives with her partner and when she goes to work, her boyfriend leaves her the teddy bear in a different way to brighten her day. The woman is the first to leave the apartment and she never ceases to be amazed at her boyfriend’s creativity.

The story was shared through Twitter and moved thousands of Internet users. The subject does everything possible so that the flame of love is not extinguished, therefore, he has a detail with his partner every morning. In the images, it is possible to observe the stuffed animal cooking a couple of potatoes in a pan, wearing a mask as a villain and wearing huge fashionable slippers.

As expected, the “tweet” quickly went viral and generated thousands of reactions to it. “Mine doesn’t leave me things on the bed, but nice notes”wrote one user. Another woman, for her part, added that “you never have to settle for less.” The post is a trend in Spain and Mexico.

What to do to keep the flame of love burning?

  • Give your space to sexuality: Dare to innovate in bed!
  • Surprise him with the details!
  • Don’t let your partner become a stranger.
  • Give affection without restrictions.
  • Remove the distractions of coexistence.
  • Take care of your image.
  • Change the routine.

Data collected from the portal Zenzual.

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