"Every morning when I wake up I have pain", the favorite host of the French, Stéphane Plaza, marked for life …

If he is the endearing real estate agent and favorite host of the French, Stéphane Plaza, known for his blunders and his good humor, hides in him a terrible suffering.

The one linked to the disappearance of his mother. Moreover, last year, in an interview, the star of the group M6 revealed that he had lied to his mother until the last breath. “I told her that I love her. But what’s very complicated is that you can’t give her a long statement because, if you go too far, she can suspect something. you have to stay light without being light, you cry inside, you are afraid it will show. She thought she was going out of the hospital… “, he explained.

“It simply came to our notice then ‘take a lot of things away from me, but leave my mom’… I blamed myself a lot. Today, I am still working on mourning. Every morning, when I get up, I have pain, but you have to live differently. She protects me from up there “, then recognized Stéphane Plaza adulated by viewers.

In another interview, this time more recent and given to Gala, the main interested party says he has learned a lesson from all this: “Life goes by too fast, so I realized that you have to take care of your health and not be afraid to love

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