Even after the farewell, Ellen Pompeo will continue on Grey’s Anatomy

The latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have confirmed the departure of Ellen Pompeo. Nearly 20 years after Season 1, she leaves behind the iconic Meredith Grey. But that does not mean that the actress will abandon the series altogether! In a recent interview, another star of the medical drama revealed that Pompeo will remain in the production even after her farewell.

Grey’s Anatomy is the most enduring medical drama of all time. Since Season 1, the characters have been through countless tragedies – be they local, personal, or national.

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In its nearly two decades of history, Grey’s Anatomy has also won fans around the world. With Ellen Pompeo gone, only two original cast members remain on the show: Chandra Wilson (Miranda) and James Pickens Jr. (Webber).

We reveal below how Ellen Pompeo will continue on Grey’s Anatomy even after she leaves the series; check out.

Ellen Pompeo Remains on Grey’s Anatomy After Meredith’s Farewell

Is there Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey? This is the main question for fans of the medical drama. Earlier, ABC representatives stated that the series would come to an end “when Ellen Pompeo wants it.”

“Grey’s Anatomy will exist as long as Ellen agrees to play Meredith Grey. We’ll let her decide,” commented Karey Burke, then-president of ABC.

However, with the large audience of recent seasons, executives seem to have changed their minds. The plot of Grey’s Anatomy, in this way, continues even without the titular protagonist.

Love her or hate her, there is no doubt that Meredith Gray was essential to the development of Grey’s Anatomy and the popularization of the series.

That’s why, after the actress’s farewell, the internet went into an uproar. After all, it’s hard to imagine the medical drama without Ellen Pompeo in the lead role.

To calm the fans, Camilla Luddington – Jo’s interpreter – revealed that Ellen Pompeo will continue to appear on Grey’s Anatomy even after the farewell.

“She herself has said that she will not leave the show completely. Jesse (Williams, interpreter of Jackson Avery) goes back and forth all the time, even to direct episodes. So she’s coming back too, whether it’s as Meredith or behind the scenes.”

It is worth remembering that, even leaving the role of Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo is still one of the executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy.

Furthermore, at least until the end of Season 19, Pompeo is expected to remain the narrator of the medical drama.

Currently, Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus. After the airing of “Thundestruck”, the 6th episode of the 19th season, which aired on November 10, the series went on vacation.

According to ABC’s release schedule, Grey’s Anatomy does not return until February 2023.

In the meantime, you can check out every episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the Star+ platform. Click here to subscribe to the stream.

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